An Integrated Neuro-Robotic Interface for Stroke Rehabilitation Using the NASA X1 Powered Lower Limb Exoskeleton

He, Yongtian ;   Nathan, Kevin ;   Venkatakrishnan, Anusha ;   Rovekamp, Roger ;   Beck, Christopher ;   Ozdemir, Recep ;   Francisco, Gerard ;   Contreras-Vidal, José

Tags Brain-computer/machine interfaceWearable systems for neurorehabilitation - Decoding algorithmsNeurological disorders - Stroke

Stroke remains a leading cause of disability, limiting independent ambulation in survivors, and consequently affecting quality of life (QOL)....

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Brain Connectivity in Continuous Error Tasks

Omedes, Jason ;   Iturrate, Inaki ;   Montesano, Luis

Tags Brain-computer/machine interface

Error-related potentials (ErrP) have been recently incorporated in brain-machine interfaces (BMIs) due to its ability to adapt and correct...

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Hybrid Frequency and Phase Coding for a High-Speed SSVEP-Based BCI Speller

Chen, Xiaogang ;   Wang, Yijun ;   Nakanishi, Masaki ;   Jung, Tzyy-Ping ;   Gao, Xiaorong

Tags Brain-computer/machine interface

Steady-state visual evoked potential (SSVEP)-based brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) have potential to realize high-speed communication...

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Neural Distance Amplification of Lexical Tone in Human Auditory Cortex

Si, Xiaopeng ;   Zhou, WenJing ;   Hong, Bo

Tags Brain-computer/machine interfaceBrain functional imaging - Spatial-temporal dynamics

In tonal languages, like Chinese, lexical tone serves as a key feature to provide contrast in word meaning. Behavior studies suggest that...

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Observation-Based Training for Neuroprosthetic Control of Grasping by Amputees

Agashe, Harshavardhan ;   Contreras-Vidal, José

Tags Brain-computer/machine interfaceMotor neuroprostheses - RoboticsBrain functional imaging - EEG

Current brain-machine interfaces (BMIs) allow upper limb amputees to position robotic arms with a high degree of accuracy, but lack the...

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Visually Stimulated Brain–Computer Interfaces Compete with Eye Tracking Interfaces When Using Small Targets

Suefusa, Kaori ;   Tanaka, Toshihisa

Tags Brain-computer/machine interface

Visually stimulated brain-computer interfacing detects which target on a screen a user is gazing at; however, this is also accomplished by...

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