A Potential Translational Approach for Bone Tissue Engineering through Endochondral Ossification

Mikael, Paiyz ;   Xin, Xiaonan ;   Urso, Maria ;   Brian, Barnes ;   Lichtler, Alex ;   Rowe, David ;   Nukavarapu, Syam ;   Jiang, Xi ;   Wang, Liping

Tags Translational modelsStem cells and tissue morphogenesisAngiogenesis and vasculogenesis

Bone defect repair is a significant clinical challenge in orthopedic surgery. Despite tremendous efforts, the majority of the current bone...

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Design and Evaluation of a Nanoenhanced Anti-Infective Calcium Phosphate Bone Cement

Tappa, Karthik ;   Jammalamadaka, UdayaBhanu ;   Mills, David

Tags Functional biomaterialsBiofabricationOsseointegration

Post-operative complications due to infections are the most common problems that occur following dental and orthopedic implant surgeries and...

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Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy and Imaging Can Differentiate between Engineered Bone and Engineered Cartilage

Pothirajan, Padmabharathi ;   Ravindran, Sriram ;   George, Anne ;   Magin, Richard ;   Kotecha, Mrignayani

Tags Fabrication of cell seeded scaffoldsMultiscale studies in tissue engineeringMulti-scale materials

In the situation when both cartilage and its underlying bone are damaged, osteochondral tissue engineering is being developed to provide a...

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Osteoinductive Calcium Phosphate Clay Nanoparticle Bone Cements (CPCs) with Enhanced Mechanical Properties

Jammalamadaka, UdayaBhanu ;   Tappa, Karthik ;   Mills, David

Tags OsseointegrationDrug/gene and carrier interactionsBiofabrication

Calcium Phosphate Cements (CPCs) with osteoconductive properties are limited in their applications because of their poor mechanical...

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Reduction of Water Diffusion Coefficient with Increased Engineered Cartilage Matrix Growth Observed Using MRI

Kotecha, Mrignayani ;   Schmid, Thomas ;   Odintsov, Boris ;   Magin, Richard

Tags Cell seeding and viability issues in tissue engineering scaffolds

Non-destructive monitoring of tissue-engineered cartilage growth is needed to optimize growth conditions, but extracting quantitative...

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True MRI Assessment of Stem Cell Chondrogenesis in a Tissue Engineered Matrix

Pothirajan, Padmabharathi ;   Dorcemus, Deborah ;   Nukavarapu, Syam ;   Kotecha, Mrignayani

Tags Hybrid biomaterials for engineered vascular tissueMultiscale studies in tissue engineeringFabrication of cell seeded scaffolds

Developing a non-invasive method to monitor the growth of tissue-engineered cartilage is of utmost importance for tracking the progress and...

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