Anisotropic Anomalous Diffusion Filtering Applied to Relaxation Time Estimation in Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Senra Filho, Antonio Carlos da S. ;   Barbosa, Jeam Haroldo Oliveira ;   Salmon, Carlos Ernesto Garrido ;   Murta Jr., Luiz Otavio

Tags Image filteringImage enhancementMR neuroimaging

Relaxometry mapping is a quantitative modality in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) widely used in neuroscirence studies. Despite its relevance...

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Combination of FMRI-SMRI-EEG Data Improves Discrimination of Schizophrenia Patients by Ensemble Feature Selection

Sui, Jing ;   Castro, Eduardo ;   He, Hao ;   Bridwell, David ;   Du, Yuhui ;   Pearlson, Godfrey ;   Jiang, Tianzi ;   Calhoun, Vince

Tags Multimodal image fusionBrain image analysisImage classification

Multimodal brain imaging data fusion is a scientifically interesting and clinically important topic; however, there is relatively little work on...

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Image Enhancement and Space-Variant Color Reproduction Method for Endoscopic Images Using Adaptive Sigmoid Function

Wahid, Khan A. ;   Imtiaz, Mohammad Shamim

Tags Image enhancementImage reconstruction - fast algorithmsImage reconstruction - performance evaluation

This paper presents an image enhancement and space-variant color reproduction method based on adaptive sigmoid function for endoscopic...

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Multi Dose Computed Tomography Image Fusion Based on Hybrid Sparse Methodology

Vekataraman, Anuyogam ;   Alirezaie, Javad ;   Babyn, Paul ;   Ahmadian, Alireza

Tags Image denoisingImage enhancement

With the increasing utilization of X-ray Computed Tomography (CT) in medical diagnosis, obtaining higher quality image with lower exposure to...

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Speckle Reduction by Phase-Based Weighted Least Squares

Zhu, Lei ;   Wang, Weiming ;   Qin, Jing ;   Heng, Pheng Ann

Tags Image denoisingImage enhancementImage filtering

Although ultrasonography has been widely used in clinical applications, the doctor suffers great difficulties in diagnosis due to the artifacts...

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Tensor-Product Kernel-Based Representation Encoding Joint MRI View Similarity

Alvarez-Meza, Andres Marino ;   Cardenas-Peña, David ;   Castro-Ospina, Andrés Eduardo ;   Castellanos-Dominguez, Germán ;   Alvarez, Mauricio A.

Tags Image enhancementImage feature extractionImage classification

To support 3D magnetic resonance image (MRI) analysis, a marginal image similarity (MIS) matrix holding MR inter-slice relationship along every...

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