Detection of Epileptic Seizures from Single Lead ECG by Means of Phase Rectified Signal Averaging

Varon, Carolina ;   Caicedo Dorado, Alexander ;   Jansen, Katrien ;   Lagae, Lieven ;   Van Huffel, Sabine

Tags Biomedical signal classificationSignal processing in physiological systemsNonstationary processing of biomedical signals

Epileptic seizures have a clear effect on the regulatory mechanisms of the autonomic nervous system, especially on the cardiac and...

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Discrimination of Fixations and Smooth Pursuit Movements in High-Speed Eye-Tracking Data

Larsson, Linnea ;   Nyström, Marcus ;   Stridh, Martin

Tags Biomedical signal classification

A novel three-stage algorithm for detection of fixations and smooth pursuit movements in high-speed eye-tracking data is proposed. In the...

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Single Trial Behavioral Task Classification Using Subthalamic Nucleus Local Field Potential Signals

Niketeghad, Soroush ;   Hebb, Adam O. ;   Nedrud, Joshua ;   Hanrahan, Sara ;   Mahoor, Mohammad H.

Tags Biomedical signal classificationTime-scale and waveletsClosed loop systems in physiological systems

Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) has been a successful technique for alleviating Parkinson's disease (PD) symptoms especially for whom drug...

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Single Trial P300 Detection in Children using Expert Knowledge and SOM

Morales, Cristian ;   Held, Claudio M. ;   Estevez, Pablo A. ;   Perez, Claudio A. ;   Reyes, Sussanne ;   Peirano, Patricio ;   Algarin, Cecilia

Tags Biomedical signal classificationNonstationary processing of biomedical signalsNeural networks in biosignal processing and classification

Preliminary results of an automatic system for single trial P300 visual evoked potential events detection are presented. For each single trial...

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Unsupervised Spike Sorting Based on Discriminative Subspace Learning

Keshtkaran, Mohammad Reza ;   Yang, Zhi

Tags Biomedical signal classificationPattern recognition methods for data mining in biosignalsData mining in biosignals

Spike sorting is a fundamental preprocessing step for many neuroscience studies which rely on the analysis of spike trains. In this paper, we...

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Video-Based Early Cerebral Palsy Prediction Using Motion Segmentation

Rahmati, Hodjat ;   Aamo, Ole Morten ;   Stavdahl, Øyvind ;   Dragon, Ralf ;   Adde, Lars

Tags Biomedical signal classificationNeural networks in biosignal processing and classification

Analyzing distinct motion patterns that occur during infancy can be a way through early prediction of cerebral palsy. This analysis can only...

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