A Pilot Spectroscopy Study on Time-Varying Bioimpedance during Electrically-Induced Muscle Contraction

Sanchez, Benjamin ;   Li, Jia ;   Geisbush, Tom ;   Bragos, Ramon ;   Rutkove, Seward

Tags Physiological monitoring

Alterations in the health of muscles can be evaluated through the use of electrical impedance myography (EIM). To date, however, nearly all...

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Audio Signal Analysis in Combination with Noncontact Bio-Motion Data to Successfully Monitor Snoring

Flanagan, David ;   Arvaneh, Mahnaz ;   Zaffaroni, Alberto Antonio

Tags Physiological monitoring

This paper proposes a novel algorithm for automatic detection of snoring in sleep by combining non-contact bio-motion data with audio data....

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Characterizing Contact Impedance, Signal Quality and Robustness As a Function of the Cardinality and Arrangement of Fingers on Dry Contact EEG Electrodes

Nathan, Viswam ;   Jafari, Roozbeh

Tags Physiological monitoringBiolelectric sensors and sensor systems

Continuous monitoring of patients' electroencephalography (EEG) outside of clinical settings will be valuable for detecting the onset of medical...

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Device and Method to Determine Perineal Artery Occlusion During Road Bicycling

Parthiban, Sujeeth, Sujeeth

Tags Physiological monitoringWearable systems

Greater than 60 million American men who ride bicycles are at risk of developing erectile dysfunction. One possible reason is occlusion of the...

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Evaluation of Lower Leg Swelling from EMG Measured by Voltage Divider

Murai, Akito ;   Sakaue, Yusuke ;   Makikawa, Masaaki

Tags Physiological monitoring

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the lower leg swelling using EMG measured with our new voltage divider technology, by which the...

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Flexible Sixteen Monopole Antenna Array for Microwave Breast Cancer Detection

Bahramiabrghouei, Hadi ;   Gosselin, Benoit ;   Rusch, Leslie Ann ;   Porter, Emily ;   Popovich, Milica ;   Santorelli, Adam

Tags Wearable systemsPhysiological monitoringLow power, wireless sensing methods

Radar based microwave imaging (MI) has been widely studied for breast cancer detection in recent times. The UWB techniques allow for a good...

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Localized BIA Identifies Structural and Pathophysiological Changes in Soft Tissue after Post-Traumatic Injuries in Soccer

Nescolarde, Lexa ;   Yanguas, Xavier ;   Lukaski, Henry ;   Rodas, Gil ;   Rosell, Javier

Tags Physiological monitoring

Localized bioimpedance (BIA) was measured with a single frequency phase-sensitive analyzer at 50 kHz in three post-traumatic types of...

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Measurement of Signal Use and Vehicle Turns As Indication of Driver Cognition

Wallace, Raymond Bruce ;   Goubran, Rafik A. ;   Knoefel, Frank-Dietrich

Tags Physiological monitoringNew sensing techniquesIntegrated sensor systems

This paper uses data analytics to provide a method for the measurement of a key driving task, turn signal usage as a measure of an...

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Optimising the Windkessel Model for Cardiac Output Monitoring During Changes in Vascular Tone

Charlton, Peter ;   Smith, John ;   Camporota, Luigi ;   Beale, Richard ;   Alastruey, Jordi

Tags Physiological monitoring

INTRODUCTION. Algorithms for estimating cardiac output (CO) from the arterial blood pressure wave have been observed to be inaccurate during...

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Validation of a Closed-Loop Sensory Stimulation Technique for Selective Sleep Restriction in Mice

Yaghouby, Farid ;   Schildt, Christopher ;   Donohue, Kevin ;   O'Hara, Bruce ;   Sunderam, Sridhar

Tags Physiological monitoringMechanical sensors and systems

Experimental manipulation of sleep in rodents is an important tool for analyzing the mechanisms of sleep and related disorders in humans. Sleep...

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