A Novel Upper Limb Rehabilitation System with Self-Driven Virtual Arm Illusion

Aung, Yee Mon ;   Al-Jumaily, Adel ;   Anam, Khairul

Tags Virtual reality in rehabilitationMotor learning, neural control, and neuromuscular systemsBrain-computer/machine interface

This paper proposes a novel upper extremity rehabilitation system with virtual arm illusion. It aims for fast recovery from lost functions of...

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Brain-Computer Interface Using P300 and Virtual Reality: A Gaming Approach for Treating ADHD

Rohani, Darius Adam ;   Sorensen, Helge B D ;   Puthusserypady, Sadasivan

Tags Virtual reality in rehabilitationBrain-computer/machine interfaceNeural signal processing

This paper presents a novel brain-computer interface (BCI) system aiming at the rehabilitation of attention-deficit/ hyperactive disorder in...

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Correlation of Reaching and Grasping Kinematics and Clinical Measures of Upper Extremity Function in Persons with Stroke Related Hemiplegia

Rohafza, Maryam ;   Fluet, Gerard ;   Qiu, Qinyin ;   Adamovich, Sergei

Tags Virtual reality in rehabilitationNeuromuscular systems - Learning and adaptionNeurological disorders - Stroke

Timed measures of standardized functional tasks are commonly used to measure treatment effects in persons with upper extremity (UE)...

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Usability Testing of Gaming and Social Media Applications for Stroke and Cerebral Palsy Upper Limb Rehabilitation

Vald├ęs Benavides, Bulmaro Adolfo ;   Hilderman, Courtney G E ;   Hung, Chai-Ting ;   Shirzad, Navid ;   Van der Loos, H. F. Machiel

Tags Virtual reality in rehabilitationNeurological disorders - StrokeMotor learning, neural control, and neuromuscular systems

As part of the FEATHERS (Functional Engagement in Assisted Therapy Through Exercise Robotics) project, two motion tracking and one social...

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