A Multifactorial Falls Risk Prediction Model for Hospitalized Older Adults

GholamHosseini, Hamid ;   Baig, Mirza Mansoor ;   Connolly, Martin J. ;   Lindén, Maria

Tags Device alarm, alert, and communication systemsWellness monitoring technologiesPersonalized therapeutic devices and emergency response systems

Ageing population worldwide has grown fast with more cases of chronic illnesses and co-morbidity, involving higher healthcare costs. Falls are...

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An Alternating Pressure Sequence Proposal for an Air-Cell Cushion for Preventing Pressure Ulcers

Arias Guzman, Sandra ;   Cardiel, Eladio ;   Hernandez, Pablo Rogeli ;   Mori, Taketoshi ;   Nakagami, Gojiro ;   Noguchi, Hiroshi ;   Sanada, Hiromi

Tags Clinical engineeringDesign and developmentSafety

The distribution and release of pressure on ischial regions are two important parameters for evaluating the effectiveness of a cushion;...

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Development of a System for Telemonitoring of Respiration Parameters for Patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Tzavaras, Aris ;   Spyropoulos, Basile

Tags Clinical engineeringVerification and validationDevice alarm, alert, and communication systems

Obstructive Sleep Apnea is a chronic sleep disorder affecting a large number of the global population. Tele-monitoring has been successfully...

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Development of UV-Ionization Based Trace Differential Mobility Sensor for Acetone and Hexane

M, Suresh ;   J Vasa, Nilesh ;   Agarwal, Vivek ;   Chandapillai, Jacob

Tags Clinical engineeringWellness monitoring technologiesDesign and development

Clinical studies in recent times confirm feasibility of using trace concentrations of volatile organic compounds (VOC) in human exhale air as...

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Prediction of Mortality from Respiratory Distress among Long-Term Mechanically Ventilated Patients

Boverman, Gregory ;   Genc, Sahika

Tags Clinical engineeringHealth technology management and assessmentVentilators

With the advent of inexpensive storage, pervasive networking, and wireless devices, it is now possible to store a large proportion of the...

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Prototype Early Warning System for Heart Disease Detection Using Android Application

Zennifa, Fadilla ;   Iramina, Keiji ;   Kamil, Husnil ;   Lina, Fitri

Tags Clinical engineeringCardiovascular assessment and diagnostic technologiesHealth technology management and assessment

Heart Disease affects approximately 70 million people worldwide where most people do not even know the symptoms. This research examines the...

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