Classification of Acute Stress Using Linear and Non-Linear Heart Rate Variability Analysis Derived from Sternal ECG

Tanev, George ;   Saadi, Dorthe Bodholt ;   Hoppe, Karsten ;   Sorensen, Helge B D

Tags Heart rate variabilityComplexity in cardiovascular or cardiorespiratory signalsAutonomic nervous system

Chronic stress detection is an important factor in predicting and reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. This work is a pilot study with...

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Development and Preliminary Evaluation of an Android Based Heart Rate Variability Biofeedback System

Abtahi, Farhad ;   Berndtsson, Andreas ;   Abtahi, Shirin ;   Seoane, Fernando ;   Lindecrantz, Kaj

Tags Heart rate variabilityAutonomic nervous system

The reduced Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is believed to be associated with several diseases such as congestive heart failure, diabetes and...

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Gender Differences in Cardiovascular and Cardiorespiratory Coupling in Healthy Subjects During Head-Up Tilt Test by Joint Symbolic Dynamics

Reulecke, Sina ;   Charleston-Villalobos, Sonia ;   Voss, Andreas ;   Gonzalez-Camarena, Ramon ;   Gaitan-Gonzalez, Mercedes ;   Gonzalez-Hermosillo, José Antonio ;   Hernandez-Pacheco, Guadalupe ;   Aljama-Corrales, Tomas

Tags Non-linear cardiovascular or cardiorespiratory relationsCardiovascular signal processing

Abstract-Gender related-differences in the autonomic regulation of the cardiovascular and cardiorespiratory systems have been studied mainly...

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On Heart Rate Regulation in Cycle-Ergometer Exercise

Argha, Ahmadreza ;   Su, Steven Weidong ;   Lee, Edward Sangwon ;   Nguyen, Hung T. ;   Celler, Branko George

Tags Heart rate variabilityBaroreflexCardiovascular models

In this paper, we have focused on the issue of regulating the human heart rate (HR) to a predefined reference trajectory, especially for...

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Sternal Pulse Rate Variability Compared with Heart Rate Variability on Healthy Subjects

Chreiteh, Shadi ;   Belhage, Bo ;   Hoppe, Karsten ;   Branebjerg, Jens ;   Thomsen, Erik V

Tags Cardiovascular signal processingHRV and blood pressure monitoringTime-frequency, time-scale analysis of cardiovascular variability

The heart rate variability (HRV) is a commonly used method to quantify the sympathetic and the parasympathetic modulation of the heart...

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The Impact of Cervical Manipulation on Heart Rate Variability

Shafiq, Hasan ;   McGregor, Carolyn ;   Murphy, Bernadette

Tags Heart rate variability

Heart Rate variability (HRV) is the inter-beat variability in heart rate and is moderated by the balance of sympathetic and parasympathetic...

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The Matching of Sinus Arrhythmia to Respiration: Are Trauma Patients without Serious Injury Comparable to Healthy Laboratory Subjects?

Chen, Xiaoxiao ;   Reisner, Andrew ;   Chen, Liangyou ;   Edla, Shwetha ;   Reifman, Jaques

Tags Heart rate variabilityAutonomic nervous systemCardiovascular signal processing

We sought to better understand the physiology underlying the metrics of heart rate variability (HRV) in trauma patients without serious...

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