A New Registration Algorithm for Estimating and Discriminating Average Shapes of Sets of Corneal Topographies

Polette, Arnaud ;   Mari, Jean-Luc ;   Brunette, Isabelle ;   Meunier, Jean

Tags Image feature extractionRigid-body image registrationOptical imaging

In this study we present a method to build 3D corneal atlases of different populations using a registration step based on inter-surface...

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Fully Automated Localization of Multiple Pelvic Bone Structures on MRI

Onal, Sinan ;   Lai-Yuen, Susana ;   Bao, Paul ;   Weitzenfeld, Alfredo ;   Hart, Stuart

Tags Image feature extractionImage segmentationImage classification

In this paper, we present a fully automated localization method for multiple pelvic bone structures on magnetic resonance images (MRI). Pelvic...

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Investigating Local Spatially-Enhanced Structural and Textural Descriptors for Classification of Ipsc Colony Images

Gizatdinova, Yulia ;   Rasku, Jyrki ;   Haponen, Markus ;   Joutsijoki, Henry ;   Baldin, Ivan ;   Paci, Michelangelo ;   Hyttinen, Jari ;   Aalto-Setälä, Katriina ;   Juhola, Martti

Tags Image feature extractionImage classificationImage segmentation

Induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC) can be derived from fully differentiated cells of any adult individual and used to obtain any other cell...

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Morphological and Textural Analysis of Centroblasts in Low-Thickness Sliced Tissue Biopsies of Follicular Lymphoma

Michail, Emmanouil ;   Dimitropoulos, Kosmas ;   Koletsa, Triantafyllia ;   Kostopoulos, Ioannis ;   Grammalidis, Nikolaos

Tags Image feature extractionImage classification

This paper presents a new method for discriminating centroblast (CB) from non-centroblast cells in microscopic images acquired from tissue...

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Multi-Classification of Cell Deformation Based on Object Alignment and Run Length Statistic

Li, Heng ;   Liu, Zhiwen ;   An, Xing ;   Shi, Yonggang

Tags Image feature extractionImage classification

Cellular morphology is widely applied in digital pathology and is essential for improving our understanding of the basic physiological processes...

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Multiparametric MRI Prostate Cancer Analysis Via a Hybrid Morphological-Textural Model

Cameron, Andrew ;   Modhafar, Amen ;   Khalvati, Farzad ;   Lui, Dorothy ;   Shafiee, Mohammad Javad ;   Wong, Alexander ;   Haider, Masoom

Tags Image feature extractionImage classificationMultimodal imaging

Multiparametric MRI has shown considerable promise as a diagnostic tool for prostate cancer grading. DWI has particularly strong potential for...

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On Generating Cell Exemplars for Detection of Mitotic Cells in Breast Cancer Histopathology Images

Aloraidi, Nada ;   Sirinukunwattana, Korsuk ;   Khan, Adnan Mujahid ;   Rajpoot, Nasir

Tags Image feature extractionImage classification

Mitotic activity is one of the main criteria that pathologists use to decide the grade of the cancer. Computerised mitotic cell detection...

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Physiological Characterization of Skin Lesion Using Non-Linear Random Forest Regression Model

Cho, Daniel S. ;   Haider, Shahid ;   Amelard, Robert ;   Wong, Alexander ;   Clausi, David Anthony

Tags Image feature extractionOptical imaging

The current diagnostic technique for melanoma solely relies on the surface level of skin and under-skin information is neglected. Since...

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Sparse Kernel Entropy Component Analysis for Dimensionality Reduction of Neuroimaging Data

Jiang, Qikun ;   Shi, Jun

Tags Image feature extractionImage classificationBrain image analysis

The neuroimaging data typically has extremely high dimensions. Therefore, dimensionality reduction is commonly used to extract discriminative...

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Two-Dimensional Sample Entropy Analysis of Rat Sural Nerve Aging

Silva, Luiz Eduardo Virgilio ;   Senra Filho, Antonio Carlos da S. ;   Fazan, Valeria Paula Sassoli ;   Felipe, Joaquim Cezar ;   Murta Jr., Luiz Otavio

Tags Image feature extractionOptical neuroimaging

Entropy analysis of images are usually performed using Shannon entropy, which calculates the probability of occurrency of each gray level on...

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