Estimating Blur at the Brain Gray-White Matter Boundary for FCD Detection in MRI

Qu, Xiaoxia ;   Platisa, Ljiljana ;   Despotovic, Ivana ;   kumcu, Asli ;   Bai, Tingzhu ;   Deblaere, Karel ;   Philips, Wilfried

Tags Image enhancementImage visualizationBrain image analysis

Focal cortical dysplasia (FCD) is a frequent cause of epilepsy and can be detected using brain magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). One...

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Low-Dose Computed Tomography Image Denoising Based on Joint Wavelet and Sparse Representation

Ghadrdan, Samira ;   Alirezaie, Javad ;   Dillenseger, Jean-Louis ;   Babyn, Paul

Tags Image denoisingImage enhancement

Image denoising and enhancement are the most challenging issues in low dose computed tomography (CT) imaging. Sparse representation methods...

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Objective Measurement of Erythema in Psoriasis Using Digital Color Photography with Color Calibration

Raina, Abhay ;   Hennessy, Ricky ;   Rains, Michael ;   Allred, James ;   Diven, Dayna ;   Markey, Mia

Tags Image enhancementImage classificationImage feature extraction

Traditional metrics for evaluating the severity of psoriasis are highly subjective, which complicates efforts to identify effective treatments...

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Robust Estimation for Class Averaging in Cryo-EM Single Particle Reconstruction

Huang, Chenxi ;   Tagare, Hemant

Tags Image denoisingImage enhancementIterative image reconstruction

Single Particle Reconstruction (SPR) for Cryogenic Electron Microscopy (cryo-EM) aligns and averages the images extracted from micrographs...

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Wireless Micro-Ball Endoscopic Image Enhancement Using Histogram Information

Attar, Abdolrahman ;   Xie, Xiang ;   Zhang, Chun ;   Wang, Zhihua ;   Yue, Shigang

Tags Image enhancementImage feature extractionImage visualization

Wireless endoscopy systems is a new innovative method widely used for gastrointestinal tract examination in recent decade. Wireless Micro-Ball...

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