3D Imaging of Microbial Biofilms: Integration of Synchrotron Imaging and an Interactive Visualization Interface

Thomas, Mathew ;   Marshall, Matthew ;   Miller, Erin ;   Kuprat, Andrew ;   Kleese van Dam, Kerstin ;   Carson, James

Tags Image visualizationVolume renderingImage feature extraction

Understanding the structure of microbial biofilms and other complex microbial communities is now possible through x-ray microtomography...

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An Optimized Ultrasound Digital Beamformer with Dynamic Focusing Implemented on FPGA

Almekkawy, Mohamed Khaled ;   Xu, Jingwei ;   Chirala, Mohan

Tags Image visualization

We present a resource-optimized dynamic digital beamformer for an ultrasound system based on a field-programmable gate array (FPGA). A...

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Brain Activation Inhomogeneity Highlighted by the Isotropic Anomalous Diffusion Filter

Senra Filho, Antonio Carlos da S. ;   Rondinoni, Carlo ;   dos Santos, Antonio Carlos ;   Murta Jr., Luiz Otavio

Tags Image filteringFunctional image analysisMR neuroimaging

The visual appealing nature of the now popular BOLD fMRI may give the false impression of extreme simplicity, as if the the functional maps...

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Correlation Mapping for Visualizing Propagation of Pulsatile CSF Motion in Intracranial Space Based on Magnetic Resonance Phase Contrast Velocity Images: Preliminary Results

Yatsushiro, Satoshi ;   Hirayama, Akihiro ;   Matsumae, Mitsunori ;   Kajihara, Nao ;   Abdullah, Afnizanfaizal ;   Kuroda, Kagayaki

Tags Image visualization

Correlation time mapping based on magnetic resonance (MR) velocimetry has been applied to pulsatile cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) motion to...

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Evaluating Perceptual Maps of Asymmetries for Gait Symmetry Quantification and Pathology Detection

Moevus, Antoine ;   Mignotte, Max ;   de Guise, Jacques A. ;   Meunier, Jean

Tags Image visualizationImage compression

The gait movement is a complex and essential process of the human activity. Yet, many types of diseases (neurological, muscular, orthopedic,...

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GPU-Based Multi-Histogram Volume Navigation for Virtual Bronchoscopy

Cheng, Ruida ;   Xu, Sheng ;   Bokinsky, Alexandra ;   McCreedy, Evan Stuart ;   Gandler, William ;   Wood, Bradford ;   McAuliffe, Matthew J.

Tags Volume renderingImage visualization

An interactive navigation system for virtual bronchoscopy is presented, which is based solely on GPU based high performance multi-histogram...

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