Enhancing Detection of Steady-State Visual Evoked Potentials Using Individual Training Data

Wang, Yijun ;   Nakanishi, Masaki ;   Wang, Yu-Te ;   Jung, Tzyy-Ping

Tags Brain-computer/machine interfaceNeural signal processing

Although the performance of steady-state visual evoked potential (SSVEP)-based brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) has improved gradually in...

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Enhancing Unsupervised Canonical Correlation Analysis-Based Frequency Detection of SSVEPs by Incorporating Background EEG

Nakanishi, Masaki ;   Wang, Yijun ;   Wang, Yu-Te ;   Mitsukura, Yasue ;   Jung, Tzyy-Ping

Tags Brain-computer/machine interface

Steady-state visual evoked potential (SSVEP)-based brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) have potential to provide a fast communication channel...

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Hybrid Decoding of Both Spikes and Low-Frequency Local Field Potentials for Brain-Machine Interfaces

Stavisky, Sergey ;   Kao, Jonathan ;   Nuyujukian, Paul ;   Ryu, Stephen ;   Shenoy, Krishna V.

Tags Brain-computer/machine interfaceMotor neuroprosthesesNeural signal processing

A way to increase the useful lifespan of brain-machine interfaces (BMIs) is to make more comprehensive use of available neural signals....

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Latent State-Space Models for Neural Decoding

Aghagolzadeh, Mehdi ;   Truccolo, Wilson

Tags Brain-computer/machine interfaceWearable systems for neurorehabilitation - Decoding algorithmsNeural signal processing

Ensembles of single-neurons in motor cortex can show strong low-dimensional collective dynamics. In this study, we explore an approach where...

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On the Asynchronously Continuous Control of Mobile Robot Movement by Motor Cortical Spiking Activity

Xu, Zhiming ;   So, Rosa ;   Toe, Kyaw Kyar ;   Ang, Kai Keng ;   Guan, Cuntai

Tags Brain-computer/machine interfaceNeural signal processingMotor neuroprostheses

This paper presents an asynchronously intracortical brain-computer interface (BCI) which allows the subject to continuously drive a mobile...

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Relationship between Microelectrode Array Impedance and Chronic Recording Quality of Single Units and Local Field Potentials

Jiang, JingLe ;   Willett, Francis ;   Taylor, Dawn

Tags Brain-computer/machine interfaceNeural interfaces - Tissue-electrode interfaceNeural signal processing

Practical application of intracortical microelectrode technology is currently hindered by the inability to reliably record neuronal signals...

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