A Multi-Scale Feedback Control System Model for Wound Healing Electrical Activity: Therapeutic Device/Protocol Implications

O'Clock, George

Tags Network modelingClinical applications of biological networksMultiscale modeling

Abstract- Regulation, growth and healing in biological systems involve many interconnected and interdependent processes that include chemical...

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Multiobjective Optimization-based Design of Wearable Electrocardiogram Monitoring Systems

Martinez-Tabares, Francisco Javier ;   Jaramillo Garzón, Jorge Alberto ;   Castellanos-Dominguez, Germán

Tags Medical device modelingAlgorithms and techniques for systems modeling

Nowadays, the use of Wearable User Interfaces has been extensively growing in medical monitoring applications. However, production and...

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Neutron Activation Processes Simulation in an Elekta Medical Linear Accelerator Head

Juste, Belen ;   Miró, Rafael ;   Verdú, Gumersindo

Tags Algorithms and techniques for systems modeling

Monte Carlo estimation of the giant-dipoleresonance (GRN) photoneutrons inside the Elekta Precise Linac head (emitting a 15 MV photon beam)...

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Numerical Investigation of the Electrical Current Effect on the Fibrous Tissue Growth Around Biomaterials

Mahserejian, Shant ;   Ryan, Paul ;   Djellouli, Rabia ;   Cohen, Randy

Tags Inverse problems in biologyBiomedical data-driven modeling

The objective of this study is to assess numerically the effect of applying electrical current on the fibrous tissue growth around...

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Simulation of Motor Current Waveform as an Index for Aortic Valve Open-Close Condition During Ventricular Support

Alonazi, Khalid ;   Lovell, Nigel H. ;   Dokos, Socrates

Tags Medical device modelingPhysiological systemsBiomechanics modeling

Monitoring of aortic valve opening and closure during heart pump support by a left ventricular assist device (LVAD) is crucial in preventing...

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Towards Kinematic Modeling of a Multi-DOF Tendon Driven Robotic Catheter

Qi, Peng ;   Liu, Hongbin ;   Seneviratne, Lakmal ;   Althoefer, Kaspar

Tags Medical device modeling

This paper presents a recent study on kinematic modeling of a remote-controlled active catheter. The tip steering motion of the catheter is...

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