A CMI(Cell Metabolic Indicator)-Based Controller for Achieving High Growth Rate Escherichia Coli Cultures

Pepper, Matthew ;   Wang, Li ;   Padmakumar, Ajay ;   Burg, Timothy ;   Harcum, Sarah ;   Groff, Richard E

Tags Bioreactor based translational tissue engineering

A large fraction of biopharmaceuticals are produced in Escherichia coli, where each new product and strain currently requires a high degree...

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Agent-Based Modeling of Osteogenic Differentiation of Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Porous Biomaterials

Bayrak, Elif Seyma ;   Mehdizadeh, Hamidreza ;   Akar, Banu ;   Somo, Sami ;   Brey, Eric ;   Cinar, Ali

Tags Cell seeding and viability issues in tissue engineering scaffoldsAngiogenesis and vasculogenesisGradient biomaterials

Mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) have shown promise in tissue engineering applications due to their potential for differentiating into mesenchymal...

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Halloysite Nanotube-Based Drug Delivery System for Treating Osteosarcoma

Sun, Lin ;   Mills, David

Tags Functional biomaterialsCell specific deliveryDrug/gene and carrier interactions

Our previous studies have shown that halloysite nanotubes (HNTs) can be doped with many bioactive agents (antibiotics, growth factors,...

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Increased Hydrostatic Pressure Enhances Motility of Lung Cancer Cells

Kao, Yu-Chiu ;   Lee, Chau-Hwang ;   Kuo, Po-Ling

Tags Cell motility and force transductionMechanical stimuli and mechanotransductionCell-matrix mechanical interactions

Interstitial fluid pressures within most solid tumors are significantly higher than that in the surrounding normal tissues. Therefore, cancer...

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Nanograting Structure Promotes Lamellipodia-Based Cell Collective Migration and Wound Healing

Chen, Zaozao ;   Atchison, Leigh ;   Ji, HaYeun ;   Leong, Kam W.

Tags Bio-MEMS and cell mechanicsCell spreading and adhesionCell-matrix mechanical interactions

Wound healing is a dynamic and complex process of replacing missing or dead cell structures and tissue layers. The aim of this research is to...

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Study of Interactions between Cells and Microbubbles in High Speed Centrifugation Field for Biomolecule Delivery

Chen, JIe ;   He, Chuan

Tags Drug/gene and carrier interactionsNon-viral gene deliverySurface modification of biomaterials

Biomolecule delivery has a very wide range of applications in biology and medicine. In this study, a microbubble based delivery method was...

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