A Deep Learning Based Framework for Accurate Segmentation of Cervical Cytoplasm and Nuclei

Song, Youyi ;   Zhang, Ling ;   Chen, Siping ;   Ni, Dong ;   Li, Baopu ;   Zhou, Yongjin ;   Lei, Baiying ;   Wang, Tianfu

Tags Image segmentationImage classificationImage feature extraction

In this paper, a superpixel and convolution neural network (CNN) based segmentation method is proposed for cervical cancer cell segmentation....

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Atlas Based AAM and SVM Model for Fully Automatic MRI Prostate Segmentation

Cheng, Ruida ;   Turkbey, Baris ;   Gandler, William ;   Agarwal, Harsh Kumar ;   Shah, Vijay ;   Bokinsky, Alexandra ;   Wang, Shijun ;   McCreedy, Evan Stuart ;   Sankineni, Sandeep ;   Bernardo, Marcelino ;   Pohida, Thomas ;   Choyke, Peter ;   McAuliffe, Matthew J.

Tags Image segmentationImage classification

Automatic prostate segmentation in MR images is a challenging task due to inter-patient prostate shape and texture variability, and the lack...

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Efficient Ribcage Segmentation from CT Scans Using Shape Features

Xu, Ziyue ;   Bagci, Ulas ;   jonsson, Colleen ;   Jain, Sanjay ;   Mollura, Daniel J.

Tags Image segmentationX-ray CTImage feature extraction

Rib cage structure and morphology is important for anatomical analysis of chest CT scans. A fundamental challenge in rib cage extraction is...

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Kernel-Based Atlas Image Selection for Brain Tissue Segmentation

Cardenas-Peña, David ;   Orbes-Arteaga, Mauricio ;   Castellanos-Dominguez, Germán

Tags Image segmentationBrain image analysisImage feature extraction

We propose a new Kernel-based Atlas Image Selection computed in the Embedding Representation space (termed KAISER) aiming to support...

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Prostate Boundary Segment Extraction Using Cascaded Shape Regression and Optimal Surface Detection

Cheng, Jierong ;   Xiong, Wei ;   Gu, Ying ;   Chia, Shue Ching ;   Wang, Yue ;   Huang, Weimin ;   Zhou, Jiayin ;   Zhou, Yufeng ;   Gao, Xiaobin ;   Tay, Kae Jack ;   Ho, Sun Sien, Henry

Tags Image segmentation

Boundary extraction of prostate with benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH) from extracorporeal ultrasound (ECUS) images is a challenging problem...

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Shape-Based Kidney Detection and Segmentation in Three-Dimensional Abdominal Ultrasound Images

Marsousi, Mahdi ;   Plataniotis, Konstantinos ;   Stergiopoulos, Stergios

Tags Image segmentationRigid-body image registrationDeformable image registration

Due to recent technical advancements of three-dimensional ultrasound imaging systems, applications of this imaging modality have been...

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