A Hybrid Method towards Automated Nipple Detection in 3D Breast Ultrasound Images

Wang, Lei ;   Boehler, Tobias ;   Zoehrer, Fabian ;   Georgii, Joachim ;   Rauh, Claudia ;   Fasching, Peter A. ;   Brehm, Barbara ;   Schulz-Wendtland, Ruediger ;   Beckmann, Matthias W. ;   Uder, Michael ;   Hahn, Horst Karl

Tags Ultrasonic breast imagingImage feature extractionImage segmentation

In clinical work-up of breast cancer, nipple position is an important marker to locate lesions. Moreover, it serves as an effective landmark to...

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Data Acquisition System for Harmonic Motion Microwave Doppler Imaging

kamali Tafreshi, Azadeh ;   Karadas, Mursel ;   Top, Can Baris ;   Gençer, Nevzat

Tags ElastographyElectrical impedance imaging techniques

Harmonic Motion Microwave Doppler Imaging (HMMDI) is a hybrid method proposed for breast tumor detection, which images the coupled dielectric...

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Effects of Key Parameters on the Accuracy and Precision of Local Pulse Wave Velocity Measurement by Ultrasound Imaging

Huang, Chengwu ;   Ren, Tianling ;   Luo, Jianwen

Tags Ultrasonic vascular imagingElastography

Quantification of arterial stiffness, such as pulse wave velocity (PWV), is increasingly used in the risk assessment of cardiovascular disease....

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Improved Mass Detection in 3D Automated Breast Ultrasound Using Region Based Features and Multi-View Information

Ye, Chuyang ;   Vivek, Vaidya ;   Fei, Zhao

Tags Ultrasonic breast imaging

Breast cancer is one of the leading causes of cancer death for women. Early detection of breast cancer is crucial for reducing mortality...

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Stochastic Piecewise Linear Function Fitting with Application to Ultrasound Shear Wave Imaging

Ingle, Atul ;   Varghese, Tomy ;   Sethares, William ;   Bucklew, James

Tags ElastographyImage filtering

Piecewise linear function fitting is ubiquitous in many signal processing applications. Inspired by an application to shear wave velocity imaging...

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Three Dimensional Shear Wave Elastographic Reconstruction of Ablations

Ingle, Atul ;   Varghese, Tomy

Tags ElastographyUltrasonic interventional imagingVolume rendering

This paper presents an algorithm for three dimensional (3D) reconstruction of tumor ablations using ultrasound electrode vibration...

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