A Fast SPAD-Based Small Animal Imager for Early-Photon Diffuse Optical Tomography

Mu, Ying ;   Niedre, Mark

Tags Diffuse optical tomographyOptical imaging

Photon scatter is the dominant light transport process in biological tissue and is well understood to degrade imaging performance in...

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A Sputum Smear Microscopy Image Database for Automatic Bacilli Detection in Conventional Microscopy

Costa, Marly G. F. ;   Costa Filho, Cicero F. F. ;   Kimura Junior, Almir ;   Levy, Pamela ;   Xavier, Clahildek ;   Fujimoto, Luciana

Tags Optical imagingImage segmentationImage classification

In this work, we present an image database for automatic bacilli detection in sputum smear microscopy. The database comprises two parts. The...

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Early Artery Blood Flow Is More Prognostic in Rodent Model of Middle Cerebral Artery Occlusion

Yuan, Lu ;   Li, Yao ;   Lu, Hongyang ;   Zhao, Linna ;   Tong, Shanbao

Tags Optical imagingOptical neuroimagingBrain image analysis

Middle cerebral artery occlusion (MCAO) by intraluminal suture is one of the most commonly used stroke models. Our previous study has...

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Noninvasive Determination of Absorption and Reduced Scattering Coefficients of Adult Heads by Time-Resolved Reflectance Measurements for Functional Near Infra-Red Spectroscopy

Tanifuji, Tadatoshi ;   Wang, Lei

Tags Diffuse optical tomographyNear infra-red spectroscopyOptical imaging

Absorption and reduced scattering coefficients (?myu_a and myu_s' ) of adult heads have been noninvasively determined by time-resolved...

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Scaling Up Multiphoton Neural Scanning: The SSA Algorithm

Schuck, Renaud ;   Annecchino, Luca Antonello ;   Schultz, Simon R

Tags Multi photon imagingOptical imaging

In order to reverse-engineer the information processing capabilities of the cortical circuit, we need to densely sample neural circuit; it may...

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Simultaneous Optical Mapping System of Endocardial and Epicardial Excitation

Harada, Takumi ;   Arafune, Tatsuhiko ;   Yamazaki, Masatoshi ;   Honjo, Haruo ;   Shibata, Nitaro ;   Sakuma, Ichiro

Tags Optical imagingCardiac imaging and image analysis

The cardiac excitation propagation during arrhythmia shows a three-dimensional complex excitation behavior. Numerous optical measurements of...

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