A 48 X 47 Pixel Thermopile-Based Infrared Array Sensor for Non-Contact Measurement of Facial Skin Temperature

Sun, Guanghao ;   Matsui, Takemi ;   Saga, Tadafumi ;   Shimizu, Takao

Tags Bioelectric sensing methodsAcoustic sensors and systems

A compact, low-cost infrared (IR) sensor for non-contact measurement of facial skin temperature is described. The IR sensor consisted of 48...

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A Dynamic Paradigm on BME Teaching and Curricula Design

Martinez-Licona, Fabiola ;   Azpiroz-leehan, Joaquin ;   Sacristan, Emilio ;   Urbina-Medal, E. Gerardo ;   Cadena, Miguel

Tags Novel approaches to BME educationTeaching designInstruction and learning

As a result of several discussions about the diverse paths that Biomedical Engineering (BME) academic programs may take, and after almost 40...

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A Mathematical Model of Drift Eye Movements with Mean Square Displacement Profile

Tokudome, Ken ;   Kohama, Takeshi ;   Kikkawa, Sho ;   Yoshida, Hisashi

Tags Algorithms and techniques for systems modelingNetwork modelingPhysiological systems

Recent studies have suggested that fixation eye movements are modulated by spatial allocation of visual attention. In this study, we propose...

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A Microchip for Drosophila Manipulation and Cardiac Assessment

Ardeshiri, Ramtin M. ;   Rezai, Pouya

Tags Microfluidics in biological applicationsMicrofluidic techniques, methods and systemsMicro- and nano-technology

Drosophila Melanogaster (fruit fly) is a simple model organism for human heart disease studies. Currently, manual methods (picking by tweezers...

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A Study about Gyroscope Value Changing When Vibration Stimulation Applied to Somatosensory During Disorder Walking Due to Vestibular Disorder

Park, Min-Hwa ;   Kim, Seong-Hyun ;   Kim, Dong-Wook

Tags Sensory neuroprostheses - SomatosensoryHuman performance - GaitHuman performance - Vestibular functions

Vestibular disorders cause difficulties in posture balance responses, resulting in the degradation of positional control of our body that is...

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A Touch-Free Infrared Thermographic System for Real-Time Remote-Monitoring Free Flap Pedicle Thrombosis

Chung, Ming-Jui ;   Lu, Pin-Jun ;   Perng, Cherng-Kang ;   Chen, Chung-Ming

Tags Physiological monitoring devicesDevice alarm, alert, and communication systemsPoint of care diagnostic lab technologies

In order to battle against the clock for a timely revision and preventing the free flap from becoming unsalvageable, a real-time monitoring...

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Android-Based Video Game Task for Objective Fatigue Monitoring

Apker, Gregory ;   Doty, Tracy Jill ;   Canady, Jonroy ;   Kellihan, Bret ;   McDowell, Kaleb

Tags Physiological monitoringNew sensing techniques

Objective measurement of an individual's fatigue level can be difficult as surveys and questionnaires can be monotonous and potentially...

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Assessing Neutrophil Chemotaxis in COPD Using a Compact Microfluidic System

Wu, Jiandong ;   Ouyang, Lipan ;   Zhang, Michael ;   Liao, Simon ;   Hillier, Craig ;   Komenda, Paul ;   Lobato de Faria, Ricardo ;   Lin, Francis

Tags Microfluidic techniques, methods and systemsMicrofluidics in biological applications

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is a common lung disease resulting from narrowed airway that causes breath difficulty. It ranked...

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Blue Scale: A Multi-Sensing Device for Remote Management of Congestive Heart Failure

Pollonini, Luca ;   Quadri, Sadia ;   Chen, Joe ;   Ding, Jennifer ;   Zheng, Zongjun ;   Naribole, Sharan ;   McArthur, Kara ;   Knightly, Edward ;   Dacso, Clifford C

Tags Wireless/ubiquitous technologies and systemsTechnology and services for home carePersonalised health

We describe the implementation of a second-generation device for remote monitoring and management of cardiovascular diseases called Blue...

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Carotid Body Denervation Improves Survival of Hypertensive Heart Failure

Fujii, Kana ;   Saku, Keita ;   Kishi, Takuya ;   Sunagawa, Kenji

Tags Heart failureAutonomic nervous systemHemodynamics

We investigated how carotid body denervation (CBD) prevents heart failure and improves the survival rate in an animal model of hypertensive...

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Comparison of Diagnostic Information from Regular Telemetry Equipment and a Novel Patch Type Electrocardiogram Recorder

Saadi, Dorthe Bodholt ;   Egstrup, Kenneth ;   Hoppe, Karsten ;   Sorensen, Helge B D

Tags Wearable systemsBody sensor networks and telemetric systemsPhysiological monitoring

The purpose of this pilot study is to compare the diagnostic information obtained using regular telemetry equipment and the novel ePatch...

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Computational Analysis of the Function of tRNA Modifications

Zhao, Wei ;   Dauwels, Justin ;   Cao, Jianshu

Tags Biomedical data-driven modelingAnalysis of high-throughput systems biology dataAlgorithms and computational tools for proteomics

In this paper, the function of tRNA modifications in protein translation mechanism is investigated by conducting simulations on synthetic mRNA....

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Computational Neuron Models of Pedunculopontine Nucleus Deep Brain Stimulation for Behavioral Evaluation

Zitella, Laura ;   Hudson, Heather ;   Baker, Kenneth ;   Vitek, Jerrold ;   Johnson, Matthew

Tags Deep brain stimulation - FEM-Neuron modelsDeep brain stimulationNeurological disorders

Computational models fit to non-human primate imaging data were developed to investigate the behavioral effects of targeting deep brain...

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Contraction and Membrane Potential of Cultured Muscle

Uto, Sadahito ;   Almofty, Bayan ;   Iga, Naoki

Tags Bio-MEMS and cell mechanicsCell motility and force transductionElectromagnetic field effects and cell membrane

Magnitude of the electrically induced contraction of cultured muscles was quantitatively measured by standard deviation of brightness change...

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Coupled Archimedean Spirals As Passive Wireless Force Sensors Exhibit Linear Frequency Shifts with Strain

Drazan, John ;   Gunko, Aleksandra ;   Dion, Matthew ;   Abdoun, Omar ;   Connor, Kenneth ;   Cady, Nathaniel ;   Ledet, Eric

Tags Implantable sensorsWireless sensors and systemsImplantable technologies

We have developed a new passive wireless force sensor for biomedical applications. The sensor is a passive LC resonator comprised only of a...

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Drowsiness Detection System for Vehicle Drivers

Matsunaga, Raphael ;   dos Santos, Icaro ;   Takahashi, Matheus Kazuhiro

Tags Physiological monitoringIntegrated sensor systemsPortable miniaturized systems

One of the most common facts that causes traffic accidents is the drowsiness state of the conductors. Because of that, we developed a...

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Evaluation of Five Systems and Two Methods for Invasive and Minimally Invasive Blood Glucose Measurements

Almarshad, Hassan

Tags Chemo/bio-sensing techniquesBioelectric sensing methods

The accuracy of glucose measurement is important for reliable therapeutic decision. It is dependent on used systems and methodology for...

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Evaluation of Kawaii Objects in Augmented Reality by ECG

Ohkura, Michiko ;   Yamasaki, Yosuke ;   Horie, Ryota

Tags Biomedical data-driven modeling

Kawaii, which represents an affective value, has such positive meanings as cute, lovable, and small. In the 21st century, the affective values...

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Fabrication of PDMS Micro-Pillars Using Easy-To-Release Agar Replica Molds

Leung, Jacob Ching Kan ;   Rezai, Pouya

Tags Microfluidic techniques, methods and systemsMicro- and nano-technology

Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) micro-pillars are common structures fabricated in microfluidic devices for performing cell sorting, filtering and...

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Feedback Control of Atorvastatin Dosing

Vinson, David R

Tags Biomedical data-driven modelingModeling of biomolecular system dynamicsPK/PD

Results from dynamic simulations of pharmacokinetic (PK) responses for different dosing regimens of atorvastatin (AS) are presented. The...

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Force Sensing Resistors for Fall Detection

Kim, Choong Hyun ;   Park, Cheol

Tags Low power, wireless sensing methodsPortable miniaturized systemsWearable systems

We present a fall detection device using force sensing resistors. The device detects the movement of the center of pressure of a human...

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From Spikes to MEG Signals: A Computational Model Mimics Abnormalities in Cortical Feed-Forward and Feed-Back Connectivity in Autism Spectrum Disorders

Michmizos, Konstantinos ;   Khan, Sheraz ;   Hamalainen, Matti ;   Kenet, Tal

Tags Brain physiology and modeling - Neuron modeling and simulationBrain functional imaging - MEGNeurological disorders - Mechanisms

This paper presents a spike-driven biophysically principled laminar cortical model of the sensorimotor cortical activity, that reproduces signals...

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Implementation of a Simple Smart House System Composed of a Smartphone, a Simple Brain-Computer Interface, Near Field Communication, and a Gesture Sensor Using ECHONET Lite

Horie, Ryota ;   Kawai, Nobuki ;   Saeki, Shunichi ;   Yang, JiaChen

Tags Portable miniaturized systemsWireless sensors and systemsIntegrated sensor systems

In this paper, we proposed and reported implementation of a simple smart house system as a life support system composed of a simple...

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Internet of Personal Monitoring Things

Abraham, Jose

Tags Wearable systemsNew sensing techniquesWireless sensors and systems

Internet of Personal Monitoring Things (IoPMT) is evolving as a network of intelligent wearable sensors that monitor human health and...

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Localized Electronic Desalting Around Field-Effect Sensors for Molecular Detection in Droplets with Enhanced Sensitivity

Vilasur Swaminathan, Vikhram ;   Dak, Piyush ;   Reddy, Bobby ;   Salm, Eric ;   Duarte, Carlos ;   Zhong, Yu ;   Huang, J. C. ;   Yang, J. H. ;   Liu, Yi-Shao ;   Fischer, Andrew ;   Alam, Muhammad Ashraf ;   Bashir, Rashid

Tags Biological sensors and systemsMicrofluidic techniques, methods and systemsBio-nano technology

Direct molecular sensing in nano-biosensors facilitates a label-free route for point-of-care applications. However, screening by background...

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Low Cost Wireless Surface Electromyographic Signal Amplifier Based on Ieee 802.15.4 Protocol

Soares, Fabiano ;   Moura, Igor Luiz Bernardes de

Tags Biological sensors and systemsPhysiological monitoringWireless sensors and systems

It is widely known that surface electromyography plays a major role in the process of acquiring anatomical and physiological information about...

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Measuring Tolerance to Visually-Evoked Emotional Stress Using Near-Infrared Spectroscopy

Tsunoda, Yuhi ;   Kimiya, Esaki ;   Notsuyu, Natsuki ;   Arii, Takero ;   Kimoto, Katsuhiko ;   Ono, Yumie

Tags FNIR and near-infrared scanning and assessmentWellness monitoring technologiesPersonalized therapeutic devices and emergency response systems

Using near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS), we investigated regional brain activity during watching negative or neutral emotional pictures. Oxy-Hb...

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Microwave Radiometry for Internal Body Temperature Monitoring

Scheeler, Robert ;   Momenroodaki, Parisa ;   Popovic, Zoya

Tags Thermal sensors and systemsBioelectric sensing methodsBody sensor networks and telemetric systems

This paper investigates microwave passive radiometry as a method for non-invasively measuring and monitoring internal body temperature. The...

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Modeling of Angiogenesis in Bone Healing Using a Meshless Local Boundary Integral Equation (LBIE) Method

Grivas, Konstantinos ;   Vavva, Maria ;   Sellountos, Euripides ;   Polyzos, Demosthenes ;   Georga, Eleni I. ;   Fotiadis, Dimitrios I.

Tags Angiogenesis and vasculogenesis

Most computational studies of angiogenesis use the Finite Element Method (FEM) which however requires global remeshing in problems with moving...

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Modulation of Morphogen Dynamics Can Lead to Robustness and Scaling of Patterns in Development

Karim, Md. Shahriar ;   Othmer, Hans G. ;   Umulis, David

Tags Modeling of biomolecular system dynamicsCell modelingNetwork modeling

Embryonic development requires intricate and highly reproducible mechanisms of pattern formation so cell fate is assigned at the right time...

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Monte Carlo Simulation of Optical Coherence Tomography Data from Diabetic Macular Edema Patients

Correia, António Luís ;   Marques, Isabel ;   Araújo, Adérito ;   Barbeiro, Sílvia ;   Caramelo, Francisco ;   Serranho, Pedro ;   Bernardes, Rui ;   Morgado, Miguel

Tags Medical device modelingInverse problems in biology

A previously reported Monte Carlo retinal optical coherence tomography (OCT) simulation method was extended to include more rigorous photon...

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New Heart Rate Sensing in Sleep Using the Flexible RF Resonator

Kim, Sung Woo ;   Hong, Seung Bum ;   Kim, Deok Won ;   An, Yong-Jun ;   Yook, Jong Gwan

Tags Wearable systemsNew sensing techniquesPhysiological monitoring

A novel technology of the wrist pulse detection was suggested in this study. It was based on electromagnetic near field variation of the...

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Passive Wireless Platforms for Chemical-Biological Sensors

Wang, Weisong ;   Patterson, Mark ;   Subramanyam, Guru

Tags Chemo/bio-sensing techniquesWireless sensors and systemsPortable miniaturized systems

This paper presents passive wireless sensor platforms for detecting chemical or biological agents. Both platforms use an interrogator to...

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PDMS Through-Holes to Assay Oviposition in Fruit Flies

Leung, Jacob Ching Kan ;   Taylor-Kamall, Rhodri ;   Hilliker, Arthur ;   Rezai, Pouya

Tags Microfluidic techniques, methods and systemsMicrofluidics in biological applicationsMicro- and nano-technology

Oviposition (egg-laying) on textured surfaces is an important assay in Drosophila melanogaster studies that is currently done uncontrollably...

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Permanent Magnetic Materials for Medical Applications

Kurtz, Kevin ;   Guthrie, Michael

Tags Wireless sensors and systemsImplantable sensorsMagnetic sensors and systems

As the medical field has advanced, so too has their tools. This paper will discuss several permanent magnetic materials and some example...

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Point-of-Care CD4+ T-Cell Counting Platform for HIV/AIDS Monitoring in Rural Regions

Kim, Jung Kyung ;   Elamin, Mohammed ;   Shourav, Mohiuddin ;   Kim, Mihwi

Tags Optical and photonic sensors and systemsPortable miniaturized systemsMicrofluidic techniques, methods and systems

A thread-like microgroove formed at the cylindrical surface is used for a sample cartridge to contain a particle suspension for absolute...

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Portable H1N1 Biosensor Using Aptamer-modified CNTFET

Kuo, Po-Hung ;   Lin, Tsung-Hsuan ;   Chen, Yu-Hao ;   Chang, Wen-Han ;   Huang, Jung-Tang ;   Lu, Shey-Shi

Tags Biolelectric sensors and sensor systemsIntegrated sensor systemsPortable miniaturized systems

This paper presents an innovative influenza virus detector that can detect the H1N1 virus. An aptamer-modified CNTFET (Carbon-nanotube field...

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Preliminary Results: Robust versus Classical Identification Approaches to Individualized Anemia Patient Modeling

Akabua, Elom ;   Inanc, Tamer

Tags Algorithms and techniques for systems modelingBiomedical data-driven modeling

This one-page late breaking research paper presents late and preliminary results of applying robust identification methodologies to find...

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Production of Demonstration Machine of a Practical Use-Oriented, Electrically Powered Prosthesis Using Flex Sensor for Amputated Upper Limb

Mito, Misaki ;   Mori, Takahiko ;   Tanaka, Yuya ;   Yoshikawa, Kenichi ;   Katane, Daisuke ;   Torishima, Hiroyuki ;   Shimizu, Yukiyo ;   Hara, Yuki

Tags Biological sensors and systemsBioelectric sensing methodsNew sensing techniques

A practical use-oriented, electrically powered prosthesis using the technology of the aviation part manufacturer has been built with a view to...

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Pronation and Supination of Children with ADHD

Kaneko, Miki ;   Iramina, Keiji

Tags Physiological monitoringWireless sensors and systems

Pronation and supination of forearms is one of diagnostic methods for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Our aim is to establish...

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Real-Time Visual and Quantitative Feedback of Gait Parameters from a Wearable Sensor System

Marion, Mary Susan ;   Wright, Henry ;   Lenoir, Kevin ;   Zahradka, Nicole ;   Sazonov, Edward ;   Richards, James ;   Lee, Samuel

Tags Wireless sensors and systemsPortable miniaturized systemsWearable systems

Wireless wearable inertial sensors provide the opportunity to monitor gait in real-time in different environments, but their usefulness can be...

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Recognition of Gait Impairment and Data Analysis for Parkinson's Patients Using Low-Cost Sensor Based Embedded System

Mitra, Rupendra Nath ;   Das, Piyali ;   Espay, Alberto ;   Agrawal, Dharma P

Tags Wireless sensors and systemsBody sensor networks and telemetric systemsWearable systems

This paper reports a smart pair of shoe soles consisting of pressure sensors, Infrared (IR) sensors to monitor the freezing of gait (FoG)....

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Recognition of Prostate Cancer Using Different Functions of SVM

Gad, Mohamed Moustafa Azmy

Tags Structural bioinformatics

Prostate cancer is the major frequent cancers in men and is the most cause of mortality in developed countries. A computer aided detection...

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Response to Subject's Own Names by Measuring Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Study

Tamura, Kaori

Tags Near infra-red spectroscopy

Brain response to own name is a strong distracter. In this study we analyzed the brain response to subject's own name by Near-Infrared...

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Silicon Nanopore Patch Clamp for Single Ion Channel Measurements

Plucinski, Lisa ;   Chen, Yi ;   Liu, Logan

Tags Bio-nano technologyPhysiological monitoring

Here we present a silicon nanopore planar patch clamp. Using this device, we have obtained single ion channel activity recordings from human...

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Smartphone Fluorescence Spectroscopy

Yu, Hojeong ;   Tan, Yafang ;   Cunningham, Brian

Tags Portable miniaturized systemsWireless sensors and systemsLow power, wireless sensing methods

We demonstrate the first use of smartphone spectrophotometry for readout of fluorescence-based biological assays with 10-pM detection limit....

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The Development of the New Closed Loop System of Power Using Manchette and SEMG

Hiramatsu, Yuuma ;   Magatani, Kazushige

Tags Human performance - Activities of daily livingHuman performance - EngineeringHuman performance - Cognition

In this research, we use SEMG (Surface EMG) that can be measured from the skin surface of a forearm in order to develop the system which...

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The SUPCAM Platform: Electromagnetic Navigation System for Active Capsule Endoscope

Lucarini, Gioia ;   Mura, Marco ;   Ciuti, Gastone ;   Menciassi, Arianna

Tags New technologies and methodologies in medical robotics and biomechanics

The paper proposes the development of an innovative electromagnetic approach for active video endoscopic capsules (VCE) navigation. The...

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Touch Sensor System for Detection of Urinary Tract Infection in Disposable Diapers

Karlsen, Haakon ;   Dong, Tao

Tags Biolelectric sensors and sensor systemsChemo/bio-sensing techniquesPortable miniaturized systems

We are developing TouchSensor - a touch-event system for detection of urinary tract infections, appropriate for more challenging diaper...

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Using IMU Sensors in Rehabilitation Movements Evaluation

Aqueveque, Pablo ;   gomez, britam ;   Pino, Esteban J

Tags Personalized therapeutic devices and emergency response systemsDesign and developmentClinical trials

This work presents the implementation of a simple and low cost 9 DOF Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) using motion tracking system to measure...

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