A Novel Optimized Parallelization Strategy to Accelerate Microwave Tomography for Breast Cancer Screening

Shahzad, Atif ;   O'Halloran, Martin ;   Glavin, Martin ;   Jones, Edward

Tags Image reconstruction - fast algorithmsIterative image reconstructionImage reconstruction - performance evaluation

Microwave tomography has been proven to successfully reconstruct the dielectric profile of a human breast when used in breast imaging...

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An Improved YEF-DCT Based Compression Algorithm for Video Capsule Endoscopy

Wahid, Khan A. ;   Khan, Tareq ;   Mostafa, Atahar Kamal

Tags Image compressionImage reconstruction - performance evaluationImage reconstruction - fast algorithms

Video capsule endoscopy is a non-invasive technique to receive images of intestine for medical diagnostics. The main design challenges of...

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Design of an Intra-Operative Imaging System for the Cochlear Implant

Klafas, Calla Christina ;   McEwan, Alistair ;   Carter, Paul Michael

Tags Image reconstruction - performance evaluationParametric image reconstructionRegularized image reconstruction

Research has shown that closer proximity of a cochlear implant electrode array to the inner modiolar wall can improve hearing performance in...

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Endoscopic Stereo Reconstruction: A Comparative Study

Parchami, Mostafa ;   Cadeddu, Jeffrey ;   Mariottini, Gian-Luca

Tags Image reconstruction - performance evaluationImage reconstruction - fast algorithmsRigid-body image registration

Advances in robotic surgery especially in minimally-invasive surgery (MIS) has increased the need for translating computer-vision algorithms in...

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Human Eyeball Model Reconstruction and Quantitative Analysis

Xing, Qi ;   Wei, Qi

Tags Iterative image reconstructionImage segmentation

Determining shape of the eyeball is important to diagnose eyeball disease like myopia. In this paper, we present an automatic approach to...

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On Verification of Splines Based Intraoperative Reconstruction of Cardiac Anatomy: Model Research

Fu, Yifan ;   Wu, Jian

Tags Image reconstruction - fast algorithmsImage reconstruction - performance evaluationDeformable image registration

Three-dimensional (3D) endocardia visualization model plays an extremely important role in localization and ablation on target areas for...

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Registration Based Super-Resolution Reconstruction for Lung 4D-CT

Wu, Xiuxiu ;   Xiao, Shan ;   Zhang, Yu

Tags Image reconstruction - performance evaluationIterative image reconstructionImage enhancement

Lung 4D-CT plays an important role in lung cancer radiotherapy for tumor localization and treatment planning. In lung 4D-CT data, the...

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