A Variable Splitting Based Algorithm for Fast Multi-Coil Blind Compressed Sensing MRI Reconstruction

Bhave, Sampada ;   Lingala, Sajan Goud ;   Jacob, Mathews

Tags Image reconstruction - fast algorithmsMR-specific image reconstructionIterative image reconstruction

Recent work on blind compressed sensing (BCS) has shown that exploiting sparsity in dictionaries that are learnt directly from the data at...

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Accelerated Pharmacokinetic Map Determination for Dynamic Contrast Enhanced MRI Using Frequency-Domain Based Tofts Model

Vajuvalli, Nithin N ;   Nayak, Krupa N ;   Geethanath, Sairam

Tags Contrast-enhanced dynamic MRI

Dynamic Contrast Enhanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging (DCE-MRI) is widely used in the diagnosis of cancer and is also a promising tool for...

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Accelerating the Reconstruction of Magnetic Resonance Imaging by Three-Dimensional Dual-Dictionary Learning Using CUDA

LI, Jiansen ;   Sun, Jianqi ;   Song, Ying ;   Xu, Yanran ;   Zhao, Jun

Tags MR-specific image reconstruction

An effective way to improve the data acquisition speed of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is using undersampled k-space data, and dictionary...

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Application of Region of Interest Compressed Sensing to Accelerate Magnetic Resonance Angiography

Konar, Amaresha Shridhar ;   Aiholli, Shivaraj ;   H C, Shashikala ;   D R, Ramesh Babu ;   Geethanath, Sairam

Tags MR angiographic imaging

Magnetic Resonance Angiography (MRA) is a group of techniques based on Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) to image blood vessels. Compressed...

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Efficient Compressed Sensing SENSE Parallel MRI Reconstruction with Joint Sparsity Promotion and Mutual Incoherence Enhancement

Chun, Il Yong ;   Adcock, Ben ;   Talavage, Thomas

Tags Parallel MRIImage reconstruction - performance evaluationImage reconstruction - fast algorithms

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is considered a key modality for the future as it offers several advantages, including the use of...

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Highly Accelerated Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MRI with Temporal Constrained Reconstruction

She, Huajun ;   Chen, Rong-Rong ;   DiBella, Edward V.R ;   Schabel, Matthias ;   Ying, Leslie

Tags Contrast-enhanced dynamic MRIMR breast imagingImage reconstruction - fast algorithms

For DCE MRI applications, the images of adjacent time frames are often similar, especially when motion is minimal, in which case temporal TV is a...

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Improved Image Reconstruction for Subspace-Based Spectroscopic Imaging Using Non-Quadratic Regularization

Wu, Zhenghua ;   Lam, Fan ;   Ma, Chao ;   Liang, Zhi-Pei

Tags MR-specific image reconstructionRegularized image reconstructionMR spectroscopy

A new MR spectroscopic imaging method, called SPICE (SPectroscopic Imaging by exploiting spatiospectral CorrElation), has been recently...

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Magnetic Resonance Image Enhancement by Reducing Receptors' Effective Size and Enabling Multiple Channel Acquisition

Yepes-Calderon, Fernando ;   Velasquez-Vacca, Adriana ;   Lepore, Natasha ;   Beuf, Olivier

Tags MRI RF coil technologyParallel MRIContrast-enhanced dynamic MRI

Abstract- Magnetic resonance imaging is empowered by parallel reading, which reduces acquisition time dramatically. The time saved by...

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User-Guided Compressed Sensing for Magnetic Resonance Angiography

Zhang, Changgong ;   Van de Giessen, Martijn ;   Eisemann, Elmar ;   Vilanova, Anna

Tags MR-specific image reconstructionMR angiographic imaging

Compressed sensing (CS) magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) enables the reconstruction of MRI images with fewer samples in k-space. One...

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