A High Throughput and Efficient Visulization Method for Diffusion Tensor Imaging of Human Brain Employing Diffusion-Map Space

Aarabi, Mohammad Hadi ;   Fathi Kazerooni, Anahita ;   Salehi, Narges ;   Saligheh Rad, Hamidreza

Tags Diffusion-tensor and diffusion-spectrum imagingImage visualizationImage feature extraction

Diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) possesses high dimension and complex structure, so that detecting available pattern information and its analysis...

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A Preliminary Study of DTI Fingerprinting on Stroke Analysis

Ma, Heather Ting ;   Ye, Chenfei ;   Wu, Jun ;   Yang, Pengfei ;   Chen, Xuhui ;   Yang, Zhengyi ;   Ma, Jingbo

Tags MR neuroimagingDiffusion-tensor and diffusion-spectrum imagingBrain image analysis

DTI (Diffusion Tensor Imaging) is a well-known MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) technique that provides useful structural information about...

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Classification of Phosphorus Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopic Imaging of Brain Tumors Using Support Vector Machine and Logistic Regression at 3T

Citak Er, Fusun ;   Hatay, Gokce Hale ;   Okeer, Emre ;   Yildirim, Muhammed ;   Hakyemez, Bahattin ;   Ozturk-Isik, Esin

Tags MR spectroscopyMR neuroimagingImage classification

This study aims classification of phosphorus magnetic resonance spectroscopic imaging (31P-MRSI) data of human brain tumors using...

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Computer-Aided Detection of Brain Metastases Using a Three-Dimensional Template-Based Matching Algorithm

Pérez-Ramírez, Úrsula ;   Arana, Estanislao ;   Moratal, David

Tags MR neuroimagingBrain image analysisImage segmentation

The purpose of this work was to develop an algorithm for detecting brain metastases in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), emphasizing the...

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In Vivo Assessment of Nervous Fiber Distribution in the Intervertebral Disc

Dao, Tien-Tuan ;   Pouletaut, Philippe ;   Charleux, Fabrice ;   Ho Ba Tho, Marie-Christine

Tags Diffusion-tensor and diffusion-spectrum imagingImage visualization

This present study aims to assess in vivo the nervous fibers distribution in the intervertebral disc using diffusion tensor imaging technique....

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Interactive Segmentation of White-Matter Fibers Using a Multi-Subject Atlas

Labra, Nicole ;   Figueroa, Miguel ;   Guevara, Pamela ;   Duclap, Delphine ;   Houenou, Josselin ;   Poupon, Cyril ;   Mangin, Jean-François

Tags Diffusion-tensor and diffusion-spectrum imagingMR neuroimagingBrain image analysis

We present a fast algorithm for automatic segmentation of white matter fibers from tractography datasets based on a multi-subject bundle...

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On the Characterization of Single-Event Related Brain Activity from Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) Measurements

Khoram, Nafiseh ;   Zayane, Chadia ;   Laleg Kirati, Taous Meriem ;   Djellouli, Rabia

Tags Functional image analysisBrain image analysisRegularized image reconstruction

We propose an efficient numerical technique for calibrating the mathematical model that describes the single-event related brain response...

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Optimized Methodology for Neonatal Diffusion Tensor Imaging Processing and Study-Specific Template Construction

Evangelou, Iordanis ;   Serag, Ahmed ;   Bouyssi-Kobar, Marine ;   DuPlessis, Adre ;   Limperopoulos, Catherine

Tags Diffusion-tensor and diffusion-spectrum imagingMR neuroimaging

Diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) has been widely used to study cerebral white matter microstructure in vivo. There is a plethora of open source...

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The Causal Interaction within Attention Networks and Emotion Network: A Fmri Study

Liu, Sicong ;   Kong, Xianxian ;   Jin, Zhenlan ;   Li, Ling

Tags MR neuroimagingFunctional image analysis

fMRI studies have suggested that there are two different attention networks: the dorsal attention network (DAN) and the ventral attention...

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