Basic Characteristics of Implantable Flexible Pressure Sensor for Wireless Readout Using MRI

Nakamura, Tatsuya ;   Inoue, Yusuke ;   Kim, Dongmin ;   Matsuhisa, Naoji ;   Yokota, Tomoyuki ;   Sekitani, Tsuyoshi ;   Someya, Takao ;   Sekino, Masaki

Tags MR angiographic imaging

Measurement of local pressure within blood vessels will be valuable for the postoperative monitoring of aneurysm. However, implantation of a...

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Comparative Reliability Analysis of Publicly Available Software Packages for Automatic Intracranial Volume Estimation

Sargolzaei, Saman ;   Goryawala, Mohammed ;   Cabrerizo, Mercedes ;   Chen, Gang ;   Jayakar, Prasanna ;   Duara, Ranjan ;   Barker, Warren ;   Adjouadi, Malek

Tags MR neuroimagingBrain image analysisImage feature extraction

Intracranial volume is an important measure in brain research often used as a correction factor in inter subject studies. The current study...

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Effects of Densely Sampled Dipole Field on Quantitative Susceptibility Mapping

Umemoto, Yuya ;   Murashima, Mai ;   Ueno, Tomohiro ;   Sugimoto, Naozo

Tags MR-specific image reconstructionMR neuroimaging

We present a method of resolving a fine structure in a magnetic susceptibility map, which cannot be distinguished by the conventional method,...

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Fast Detection & Modelling of the Real Osteoarthritic Holes in the Human Knee with Contour Interpolated Radial Basis Functions

Javaid, Zarrar ;   Unsworth, Charles Peter ;   Boocock, Mark ;   McNair, Peter

Tags MR-specific image reconstructionImage reconstruction - fast algorithmsImage segmentation

In this article, we propose a novel method for the fast 3D reconstruction of real osteoarthritic (OA) holes in a human femoral cartilage....

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Functional Validation of an Implantable Medical Dosing Device by MRI at 3T

Anderson, Jeff ;   Ferrati, Silvia ;   Karmonik, Christof ;   Grattoni, Alessandro

Tags MR-specific image reconstruction

Sustained release of a small molecule from a prototype implantable drug delivery device was monitored via MRI in an ex vivo tissue phantom...

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Kidney Stone Imaging with 3D Ultra-Short Echo Time (UTE) Magnetic Resonance Imaging. a Phantom Study

Ibrahim, El-Sayed ;   Pooley, Robert ;   Bridges, Mellena ;   Cernigliaro, Joseph ;   Haley, William

Tags MRI pulse sequence

Computed tomography (CT) is the current gold standard for imaging kidney stones, albeit at the cost of radiation exposure. Conventional...

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Ultra-High Field Birdcage Coils: A Comparison Study at 14.1T

Cheng, Tian ;   Magill, Arthur ;   Arnaud, Comment ;   Gruetter, Rolf ;   Lei, Hongxia

Tags MRI RF coil technologyMR neuroimaging

An essential feature of magnetic resonance (MR) probes for magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy is the ability to generate uniform...

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