Biophysical Regulation of Epithelial Cell Scattering

Gardel, Margaret

Tags Cell-matrix mechanical interactionsCell spreading and adhesionCell motility and force transduction

How epithelial cells regulate cell-matrix and cell-cell adhesions is essential to understand key events in morphogenesis as well as pathological...

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Mechanical Nanotomography of Cells Invading 3D-Matrices

Jack, Staunton ;   Bryant, Doss ;   Lindsay, Stuart ;   Ros, Robert

Tags Cell-matrix mechanical interactionsNew techniques in atomic force microscopyCytoskeletal rheology

Mechanical interactions between cells and the extracellular matrix (ECM) are critical to cancer metastasis. To investigate the mechanical...

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Micromechanical Study of Protein-DNA Interactions and Large-Scale Chromosome Structure

Marko, John F

Tags Chemistry and molecular mechanicsMechanical stimuli and mechanotransductionNew techniques in atomic force microscopy

I will discuss experiments aimed at using mechanical force in conjunction with traditional biochemical techniques to study chromatin and its...

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Minisymposium on Onco-Mechanics: The Forces of Cancer

Moore, Nicole ;   Wirtz, Denis

Tags Cell motility and force transductionCell-matrix mechanical interactionsMechanical stimuli and mechanotransduction

This paper highlights the minisymposium on Onco-Mechanics: The Forces of Cancer. Four presentations will demonstrate the importance of...

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