A Smartphone Based Ophthalmoscope

Giardini, Mario Ettore ;   Livingstone, Iain ;   Jordan, Stewart ;   Bolster, Nigel Magnus ;   Peto, Tunde ;   Burton, Matthew ;   Bastawrous, Andrew

Tags Mobile healthLow cost health delivery, public and environmental health, epidemiologyeHealth

A low-cost alternative to the direct ophthalmoscope, a simple optical adapter for a smartphone, is described. It can overcome many of the...

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Assessment of Visual Impairment in Stroke Survivors

Tarbert, Claire Margaret ;   Livingstone, Iain ;   Weir, Alexander James

Tags Mobile healtheHealthMobile and wearable technologies for elderly

A novel, tablet-based application (app) has been developed to act as a screening tool for visual impairment in stroke survivors; The Stroke...

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Development of Android Apps for Cognitive Assessment of Dementia and Delirium

Weir, Alexander James ;   Paterson, Craig ;   Tieges, Zoe ;   MacLullich, Alasdair Maurice Joseph ;   Parra, Mario A ;   Della Sala, Sergio ;   Logie, Robert

Tags Mobile healtheHealth

The next generation of medical technology applications for hand-held portable platforms will provide a core change in performance and...

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New Mobile Technologies and Visual Acuity

Livingstone, Iain ;   Tarbert, Claire Margaret

Tags Mobile healthTelehealthEmerging IT for efficient/low-cost healthcare delivery

Mobile devices have shown promise in visual assessment. Traditional acuity measurement involves retro-illuminated charts or card-based...

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Smart Phone Monitoring of Second Heart Sound Split

Thiyagaraja, Shanti R ;   Vempati, Jagannadh ;   Dantu, Ram ;   Sarma, Tom ;   Dantu, Siva

Tags Mobile healthSmart home technologyPersonalised health

Heart Auscultation (listening to heart sounds) is the basic element of cardiac diagnosis. The interpretation of these sounds is a difficult...

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Smart Watch RSSI Localization and Refinement for Behavioral Classification Using Laser-SLAM for Mapping and Fingerprinting

Carlson, Jay ;   Mittek, Mateusz ;   Parkison, Steven ;   Sathler, Pedro ;   Bayne, David ;   Psota, Eric ;   PĂ©rez, Lance ;   Bonasera, Stephen

Tags Smart home technologyTechnology and services for assisted-livingWireless/ubiquitous technologies and systems

As a first step toward building a smart home behavioral monitoring system capable of classifying a wide variety of human behavior, a wireless...

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