A Programmable Point-Of-Care Device for External CSF Drainage and Monitoring

Simkins, Jeffrey ;   Subbian, Vignesh ;   Beyette, Fred R

Tags Design and developmentPhysiological monitoring devicesPoint of care diagnostic lab technologies

This paper presents a prototype of a programmable cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) external drainage system that can accurately measure the...

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An Active Brace for Controlled Transdermal Drug Delivery for Adjustable Physical Therapy

Erol, Levent ;   Bebek, Ozkan ;   Basim, Bahar ;   Karagoz, Ayse

Tags Transdermal drug deliveryPersonalized therapeutic devices and emergency response systemsDesign and development

This study presents an active brace which is a cost efficient precision-controlled advanced therapy medicinal product for time and rate...

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Control of a Thin Catheter Bending at Bifurcation Points in Artificial Blood Vessel by using Acoustic Radiation Force

Masuda, Kohji ;   Mochizuki, Takashi ;   Tsurui, Nobuhiro ;   Koda, Ren

Tags Therapeutic ultrasoundBiopsyCardiovascular assessment and diagnostic technologies

In this paper, control of a thin catheter bending by using acoustic radiation force was carried out to develop precise and noninvasive...

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Mechanism for Measurement of Flow Rate of Cerebrospinal Fluid in Hydrocephalus Shunts

Rajasekaran, Sathish ;   Qu, Hongwei ;   Kovar, Spencer ;   Qu, Peng ;   Inwald, David ;   Williams, Evan

Tags Design and developmentSimulation, learning and trainingInnovation

The measurement of the flow rate of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) or existence of CSF flow inside the shunt tube after shunt implant have been...

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Optimal Voice Coil Actuators for Needle-Free Jet Injection

Ruddy, Bryan ;   Hunter, Ian ;   Taberner, Andrew

Tags Transdermal drug deliveryDesign and development

We present a scaling model for electrically-actuated needle free jet injectors, establishing the relationship between injection volume and...

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Systematic Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer Using an Optical Biopsy Needle Adjunct with Fluorescence Spectroscopy

N. Werahera, Priya ;   Jasion, Edward ;   Crawford, E. David ;   G. La Rosa, Francisco ;   Lucia, M. Scott ;   van Bokhoven, Adrie ;   Sullivan, Holly T. ;   Port, J. David ;   Maroni, Paul D. ;   Daily, John W.

Tags BiopsyDesign and developmentInnovation

Transrectal ultrasound guided prostate biopsies often fail to diagnose prostate cancer with 90% of cores reported as benign. Thus, it is...

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