Cortical Activation of Passive Hand Movement Using Haptic Knob: A Preliminary Multi-Channel Fnirs Study

Yu, Juanhong ;   Ang, Kai Keng ;   Yang, Huijuan ;   Guan, Cuntai

Tags Brain-computer/machine interfaceNeural signal processingBrain functional imaging - NIR

Several functional neuroimaging studies had been performed to explore the sensorimotor function for motor imagery and passive movement, but...

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Decoding of Intentional Actions from Scalp Electroencephalography (EEG) in Freely Behaving Infants

Hernandez, Zachery ;   Cruz-Garza, Jesus ;   Tse, Teresa ;   Contreras-Vidal, José

Tags Neural signal processingBrain functional imaging - EEGBrain functional imaging - Classification

The mirror neuron system (MNS) in humans is thought to enable an individual's understanding of the meaning of actions performed by others...

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Development of an MR-Compatible Configurable Brush Stimulation Device

Murata, Koichi ;   Matsushita, Akira ;   Saotome, Kousaku ;   Kawamoto, Hiroaki ;   Sankai, Yoshiyuki

Tags Brain functional imaging - fMRIHuman performance - Sensory-motorNeurological disorders - Diagnostic and evaluation techniques

In order to evaluate sensory disturbance, a subjective method is performed, so that the evaluation result is influenced by subjective...

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Modular Organization of Reaching and Grasping Movements Investigated Using EEG Microstates

Minguillon, Jesus ;   Pirondini, Elvira ;   Coscia, Martina ;   Leeb, Robert ;   Millán, José del R. ;   Van De Ville, Dimitri ;   Micera, Silvestro

Tags Brain functional imaging - EEGMotor learning, neural control, and neuromuscular systemsBrain physiology and modeling

How movements are generated and controlled by the central nervous system (CNS) is still not well understood. In this work, we tested the...

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Moving Average Convergence Divergence Filter Preprocessing for Real-Time Event-Related Peak Activity Onset Detection : Application to Fnirs Signals

Durantin, Gautier ;   Scannella, Sébastien ;   Gateau, Thibault ;   Delorme, Arnaud ;   Dehais, Frédéric

Tags Brain functional imaging - NIR

Real-time solutions for noise reduction and signal processing represent a central challenge for the development of Brain Computer Interfaces...

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User-Driven Control Increases Cortical Activity During Treadmill Walking: An EEG Study

Bulea, Thomas C. ;   Kim, Jonghyun ;   Damiano, Diane ;   Stanley, Christopher ;   Park, Hyung-Soon

Tags Brain functional imaging - EEGNeural signals - Blind source separation (PCA, ICA, etc.)Human performance - Gait

Treadmills provide a safe and efficient method for gait rehabilitation but treadmill based training paradigms have not been shown to create...

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