A Smart Homecage System with 3D Tracking for Long-Term Behavioral Experiments

Lee, Byunghun ;   Kiani, Mehdi ;   Ghovanloo, Maysam

Tags Integrated sensor systemsPhysiological monitoringImplantable systems

A wirelessly-powered homecage system, called the EnerCage-HC, that is equipped with multi-coil wireless power transfer, closed-loop power...

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Electrochemical Biochip for Applications to Wireless and Batteryless Monitoring of Free-Moving Mice

Carrara, Sandro

Tags Implantable systemsBiological sensors and systems

A multi-sensing platform for applications in wire- less and batteryless monitoring of free-moving small animals is presented in this paper. The...

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Real-Time Processing of Fast-Scan Cyclic Voltammetry (FSCV) Data Using a Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA)

Bozorgzadeh, Bardia ;   Covey, Daniel ;   Heidenreich, Byron ;   Garris, Paul ;   Mohseni, Pedram

Tags Chemo/bio-sensing techniquesImplantable systemsIntegrated sensor systems

This paper reports the hardware implementation of a digital signal processing (DSP) unit for real-time processing of data obtained by...

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Remote Powering Platform for Implantable Sensor Systems at 2.45 GHz

Kazanc, Onur ;   Yilmaz, Gurkan ;   Maloberti, Franco ;   Dehollain, Catherine

Tags Wireless sensors and systemsImplantable systemsBody sensor networks and telemetric systems

Far-field remotely powered sensor systems enable long distance operation for low-power sensor systems. In this work, we demonstrate a...

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Towards a Wireless Optical Stimulation System for Long Term In-Vivo Experiments

Mirbozorgi, Seyedabdollah ;   Ameli, Reza ;   Sawan, Mohamad ;   Gosselin, Benoit

Tags Wireless sensors and systemsImplantable technologiesWearable systems

This paper presents our recent progresses towards the development of a wirelessly powered head mountable optical stimulator for enabling...

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Ultra-High Density In-Vivo Neural Probes

Yazicioglu, Refet Firat ;   Mora Lopez, Carolina ;   Mitra, Srinjoy ;   Raducanu, Bogdan ;   Musa, Silke ;   Kloosterman, Fabian

Tags Implantable systemsImplantable sensorsBioelectric sensing methods

The past decade has witnessed an explosive growth in our ability to observe and measure brain activity. Among different functional brain...

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