A Chronic Window Imaging Device for the Investigation of in Vivo Peripheral Nerves

Brodnick, Sarah ;   Hayat, Mohammed ;   Kapur, Sahil ;   Richner, Tom ;   Nonte, Michael ;   Eliceiri, Kevin ;   Krugner-Higby, Lisa ;   Williams, Justin ;   Poore, Samuel

Tags Neural interfaces - Implantable systemsNeural interfaces - Neural microsystems and interface engineeringNeural interfaces - Tissue-electrode interface

Chronic imaging of the peripheral nervous system with contemporary techniques requires repetitive surgical procedures to reopen an area of...

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A Novel MicroChannel Electrode Array: Towards Bioelectronic Medical Interfacing of Small Peripheral Nerves

Kim, Young-Tae ;   Kanneganti, Aswini ;   Fatemi, Seyedehhenga ;   Nothnagle, Caleb ;   Wijesundara, Muthu ;   Romero-Ortega, Mario Ignacio

Tags Neural interfaces - Microelectrode technologyNeural interfaces - Tissue-electrode interfaceNeurological disorders - Treatment methodologies

Bioelectronic medicine is an emerging field that relies on electrical signals to modulate complex neuronal circuits, particularly in the peripheral...

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Chronic Sensory-Motor Activity in Behaving Animals Using Regenerative Multi-Electrode Interfaces

Desai, Vidhi ;   Keefer, Edward ;   Romero-Ortega, Mario Ignacio

Tags Neural interfaces - Tissue-electrode interfaceHuman performance - Sensory-motorNeural interfaces - Regeneration

Regenerative peripheral nerve interfaces have been proposed as viable alternatives for the natural control and feel of robotic prosthetic...

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Electrically Stimulated Signals from a Long-Term Regenerative Peripheral Nerve Interface

Langhals, Nicholas B. ;   Woo, Shoshana ;   Moon, Jana D. ;   Larson, John V. ;   Leach, Michelle ;   Cederna, Paul ;   Urbanchek, Melanie G.

Tags Neural interfaces - RegenerationNeuromuscular systems - EMG processing and applicationsMotor neuroprostheses - Prostheses

Despite modern technological advances, the most widely available prostheses provide little functional recovery beyond basic grasping. Although...

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NGF–loaded PLGA Microparticles for Advanced Multifunctional Regenerative Electrodes

Giudetti, Guido ;   Del Valle, Jaume ;   Navarro, Xavier ;   Micera, Silvestro

Tags Neural interfaces - BiomaterialsNeural interfaces - Implantable systemsNeural interfaces - Regeneration

Nerve guide conduits are currently the elective device for peripheral nerve reconstruction applications, as nerve autograft often is...

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Using Multiple High-Count Electrode Arrays in Human Median and Ulnar Nerves to Restore Sensorimotor Function after Previous Transradial Amputation of the Hand

Clark, Gregory ;   Wendelken, Suzanne ;   Page, David ;   Davis, Tyler ;   Wark, Heather ;   Normann, Richard ;   Warren, David ;   Hutchinson, Douglas

Tags Brain-computer/machine interfaceMotor neuroprosthesesSensory neuroprostheses - Somatosensory

Peripheral nerve interfaces that can record from and stimulate large numbers of different nerve fibers selectively and independently may...

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