ECG Reconstruction Based on the Injection of a Multi-Frequency Signal in Capacitive Measurement Systems

Serteyn, Aline ;   Vullings, Rik ;   Meftah, Mohammed ;   Bergmans, Johannes Wilhelmus Maria

Tags Multivariate signal processingSignals and systemsAdaptive filtering

Many healthcare and lifestyle applications could benefit from capacitive measurement systems for unobtrusive ECG monitoring. However, a key...

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Improved Signal Quality Indication for Photoplethysmographic Signals Incorporating Motion Artifact Detection

Pflugradt, Maik ;   Orglmeister, Reinhold

Tags Neural networks in biosignal processing and classificationData mining in biosignalsBiomedical signal classification

Wearable monitoring systems have gained tremendous popularity in the health-care industry, opening new possibilities in diagnostic routines and...

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Multivariate Analysis Based on Linear and Non-Linear FHR Parameters for the Identification of IUGR Fetuses

Magenes, Giovanni ;   Bellazzi, Riccardo ;   Fanelli, Andrea ;   Signorini, Maria G.

Tags Multivariate signal processingData mining in biosignalsNonlinear analysis of biomedical signals

Fetal Heart Rate (FHR) monitoring represents a powerful tool for checking the arousal of pathological fetal conditions during pregnancy. This...

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Scoring Consensus of Multiple ECG Annotators by Optimal Sequence Alignment

Haghpanahi, Masoumeh ;   Sameni, Reza ;   Borkholder, David A.

Tags Data mining in biosignalsMultivariate signal processing

Development of ECG delineation algorithms has been an area of intense research in the field of computational cardiology for the past few...

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Separate Estimation of Long- and Short-term Systolic Blood Pressure Variability from Photoplethysmograph

Kondo, Riho ;   Bhuiyan, Shoaib ;   Kawanaka, Haruki ;   Oguri, Koji

Tags Multivariate signal processingSignal processing in physiological systemsSignals and systems

This paper proposed a method to monitor systolic blood pressure (BP) variability without using a cuff during the daytime. In this method, BP...

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Statistical and Nonlinear Analysis of Oximetry from Respiratory Polygraphy to Assist in the Diagnosis of Sleep Apnea in Children

Álvarez, Daniel ;   Gutierrez, Gonzalo Cesar ;   Alonso, M. Luz ;   Terán, J ;   del Campo, Félix ;   Hornero, Roberto

Tags Multivariate signal processingBiomedical signal classificationGenetic algorithms in signal pattern classification

Obstructive Sleep Apnea-Hypopnea Syndrome (OSAHS) is a sleep related breathing disorder that has important consequences in the health and...

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