A Fully-Passive Wireless Neuro-Recorder Using RF Backscattering Effects

Schwerdt, Helen ;   Miranda, Felix ;   Chae, Junseok

Tags Micro- and nano-technologyBio-nano technology

There is a need to develop improved methods to less intrusively and more safely acquire electrical activity generated by the brain. Fully...

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Bioactive Interfaces through Biomolecular Engineering

Tamerler, Candan

Tags Bio-nano technology

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Bioengineered Nanogels to Deliver Therapeutic Proteins

Singh, Ankur

Tags Bio-nano technologyMicro- and nano-technology

Synovial inflammation has emerged as a promising target for therapeutic intervention in osteoarthritis (OA). Anti-inflammatory mediators, such...

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Bioresorbable Materials and Nano-Scale Surface Features on Cell Behaviors

Liu, Huinan

Tags Bio-nano technologyMicro- and nano-technologyImplantable technologies

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Controlled Three-Dimensional Tumor Microenvironments

Shilpa, Sant

Tags Micro- and nano-technology

Clinically, tumor size and molecular tumor subtype (luminal/ basal/ HER-2 amplified) has been recognized as important prognostic factors and...

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Modulation of Cardiomyocyte Mechanical Response with Nano-Scale Forces

Zorlutuna, Pinar

Tags Bio-nano technologyMicro- and nano-technologyMicro- and nano-sensors

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Transitioning from Nanomedicine to Picomedicine: Making Advances in Medicine

Webster, Thomas

Tags Micro- and nano-sensorsBio-nano technologyMicro- and nano-technology

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