Analyzing Center of Pressure Progression During Bed Exits

Ren, Zhaofen ;   Grant, Theresa ;   Goubran, Rafik A. ;   El-Tanany, Mohamed ;   Knoefel, Frank-Dietrich ;   Sveistrup, Heidi ;   Bilodeau, Martin ;   Jutai, Jeffrey

Tags Data miningSmart home technologyTelehealth

This paper presents a new approach for analyzing center of pressure (COP) progression using pressure data collected from a...

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Classification of Cycling Exercise Status Using Short-Term Heart Rate Variability

Jeong, In cheol ;   Finkelstein, Joseph

Tags Technology and services for home careEmerging IT for efficient/low-cost healthcare deliveryPersonal health systems

Introduction of effective home-based exercise programs in older adults and people with chronic conditions requires implementation of...

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Discrimination Ability and Reproducibility of a New Index Reflecting Autonomic Nervous Function Based on Pulsatile Amplitude of Photoplethysmography

Kano, Yusuke ;   Yoshizawa, Makoto ;   Sugita, Norihiro ;   Abe, Makoto ;   Homma, Noriyasu ;   Tanaka, Akira ;   Yamauchi, Tsuyoshi ;   Miura, Hidekazu ;   Shiraishi, Yasuyuki ;   Yambe, Tomoyuki

Tags Emerging IT for efficient/low-cost healthcare deliveryMobile and wearable technologies for elderlyTechnology and services for home care

A new physiological index (mu<sub>PA</sub>) is proposed to represent the autonomic nervous system (ANS) function. The index...

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Latent Topic Discovery of Clinical Concepts from Hospital Discharge Summaries of a Heterogeneous Patient Cohort

Lehman, Li-wei ;   Long, William ;   Saeed, Mohammed ;   Mark, Roger

Tags Knowledge discovery and managementData miningDecision support methods and systems

Patients in critical care often exhibit complex disease patterns. A fundamental challenge in clinical research is to identify clinical features...

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Remote Health Monitoring: Predicting Outcome Success Based on Contextual Features for Cardiovascular Disease

Alshurafa, Nabil ;   Eastwood, Jo-Ann ;   Pourhomayoun, Mohammad ;   Liu, Jason Jun Hing ;   Sarrafzadeh, Majid

Tags TelehealthPersonal health systemsDecision support methods and systems

Current studies have produced a plethora of remote health monitoring (RHM) systems designed to enhance the care of patients with chronic...

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Risk Prediction for Heart Failure Incidence within 1-Year Using Clinical and Laboratory Factors

Miao, Fen ;   Cai, Yun-Peng ;   Zhang, Yuan-Ting

Tags Knowledge discovery and managementComputer-aided decision makingData mining

Validated risk scores for heart failure incidence are still lacking, especially for short-term prediction. In this paper we aim at developing a...

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