A Multi-Parameters Fusion Model for Non-Invasive Detection of Intracranial Pressure

Ji, Zhong ;   Liu, Xu

Tags Physiological monitoring devices

On the basis of discussing the limitation of a single intracranial pressure non-invasive detection method in clinical application, the feasibility...

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A Study on the Use of PPG in Quantifying Circulatory Disruptions

Karthik, Srinivasa ;   Joseph, Jayaraj ;   Sivaprakasam, Mohanasankar

Tags PlethysmographyPhysiological monitoring devicesDevice alarm, alert, and communication systems

We explore the use of photoplethysmography to monitor and detect changes in arterial and venous circulation for potential use in surgical...

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Application of Dynamical Analyses of Heart Rate to Rhythm Classification and Prognosis

Carrara, Marta ;   Carozzi, Luca ;   Cerutti, Sergio ;   Ferrario, Manuela ;   Lake, Douglas E ;   Moorman, J Randall

Tags Physiological monitoring devicesCardiovascular assessment and diagnostic technologiesWellness monitoring technologies

Abstract- We have developed numerical approaches to dynamical analysis of heart rates, measured as interbeat or RR, intervals, based on...

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Characterization of Wheelchair Maneuvers Based on Noisy Inertial Sensor Data: A Preliminary Study

Fu, Jicheng ;   Liu, Tao ;   Jones, Maria ;   Qian, Gang ;   Jan, Yih-Kuen

Tags Wellness monitoring technologiesInnovationPhysiological monitoring devices

A wheelchair user's activity and mobility level is an important indicator of his/her quality of life and health status. To assess the activity...

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Improving Rehabilitation Exercise Performance through Visual Guidance

Lam, Agnes W. K. ;   HajYasien, Ahmed ;   Kulic, Dana

Tags Physiological monitoring devicesHuman factorsBiofeedback and related technologies

In current physical rehabilitation protocols, patients typically perform exercises without feedback or guidance following the initial...

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Validation of Two Novel Monitoring Devices to Measure Physical Activity in Healthy Women

Klein, Diane ;   Levine, Esther ;   Walsh, B Timothy ;   Sazonov, Edward

Tags Wellness monitoring technologiesPhysiological monitoring devicesWireless telemetric systems

Measurement of physical activity is increasingly important in health research. We sought to determine the accuracy and sensitivity to...

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