Smart Phone Monitoring of Second Heart Sound Split

Thiyagaraja, Shanti R ;   Vempati, Jagannadh ;   Dantu, Ram ;   Sarma, Tom ;   Dantu, Siva

Heart Auscultation (listening to heart sounds) is the basic element of cardiac diagnosis. The interpretation of these sounds is a difficult skill to acquire. In this work we have developed an application to detect, monitor, and analyze the split in second heart sound (S2) using a smart phone. The application records the heartbeat using a stethoscope connected to the smartphone. The audio signal is converted into the frequency domain using Fast Fourier Transform to detect the first and second heart sounds (S1 and S2). S2 is extracted and fed into the Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT) and then to Continuous Wavelet Transform (CWT) to detect the Aortic (A2) and the Pulmonic (P2) components, which are used to calculate the split in S2. With our application, users can continuously monitor their second heart sound irrespective of ages and check for a split in their hearts with a low-cost, easily available equipment.