Global Health Informatics Summit

Zhang, Yuan-Ting

The steadily growing aging population and prevalence of chronic diseases worldwide are some of the urgent global health challenges of our society today. To address these unmet healthcare needs, health informatics which deals with the acquisition, transmission, processing, storage, retrieval and use of information has emerged as an active area of interdisciplinary research to enhance the quality and efficiency of health care, to realize the early diagnosis and treatment of major diseases as well as to respond to public health emergencies. Recently, "advancing health Informatics" has been identified by the U.S. National Academy of Engineering as one of 14 grand challenges for engineering in the 21st century. During the past decade, many countries and regions have devoted great efforts for advancing health informatics, and many innovative technologies have been developed. Notable examples in health information include the new design of nano-probes for molecular and cellular Imaging; wearable-flexible-stretchable-printable bioelectronics for physiological monitoring, and the convergence/integration of unobtrusive biosensing, medical imaging, and big health data fusion for the early prediction and prevention of diseases. The Global Health Informatics Summit (GHI2014) will report some recent advances at the very frontiers of health informatics to stimulate further in-depth study in this field as well as the close international collaboration in the future.