Non-Contact Measurement of Respiratory Function and Deduction of Tidal Volume

Lee, Yee Siong ;   Pathirana, Pubudu N. ;   Christopher, Louis Steinfort ;   Caelli, Terry

This paper further the investigation of Doppler radar feasibility in measuring the flow in and out due to inhalation and exhalation under different conditions of breathing activities. Three different experiment conditions were designed to investigate the feasibility and consistency of Doppler radar which includes the combination of the states of normal breathing, deep breathing and apnoea state were demonstrated. The obtained Doppler radar signals were correlated and compared with the standard gold medical device, spirometer, yielding a good correlations between both devices. We also demonstrated the calibration of the Doppler radar signal can be performed in a simple manner in order to have a good agreements with the spirometer readings. The measurement of the flow in and out during the breathing activities can be measured accurately under different dynamics of breathing as long as the calibration is performed correctly.