Application of Telemedicine to Support in Prenatal Care

Jomar Ferreira dos, Santos ;   Hitalo Emanoel Gondim Bezerra de, Medeiros ;   Gláucia Regina Medeiros Azambuja, Sizilio ;   Ribeiro Neto, Pedro Fernandes ;   G. Guerreiro, Ana Maria ;   Maia, Cicilia ;   Bezerra Soares, Heliana ;   Fernandes Diógenes, Isabelle Cantídio

The pregnancy care is of fundamental importance for the prevention of possible complications during delivery or even to prevent the child is born with a disability. Thus, this research aims to develop a telemedicine platform for Support Prenatal Care. The evolution of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) have enabled significant technological advances in diverse areas such as education, health, economy, entertainment, security, among others [2]. In health, can highlight the design, development and improvement of equipment and/or modern systems that provide numerous benefits to the people in search of a better quality of life [3]. In many regions of Brazil, more than 95% of pregnant women attending the pregnancy service. Meantime, morbidity and maternal and perinatal mortality remain high, reflecting significant deficiencies in care [1]. The platform proposed enables the collection of information of the pregnant women through mobile devices, streamlining the processing of information and thus providing useful information to aid health professionals. The mobile application responsible for the collection of information is called Preneonatal. It enables the registration of information relating to pregnancy care, which include information concerning the background, to pregnancy, childbirth, the fetus and newborn.