Wireless Platform and Cloud System for AVF Stenosis Monitoring

Huang, Yi-Chun ;   Huang, Yen-Ming ;   Hou, Jen-Cheng ;   Lee, Wen-Ting ;   Yeih, Dong-Feng ;   Chen, Ying-Hsien ;   Lin, Yen-Hung ;   Lu, Shey-Shi

In this study, a wireless platform and cloud system for arteriovenous fistula (AVF) stenosis monitoring is developed. The platform is a java-based application on mobile smart devices. The AVF sound signals are recorded by electronic stethoscopes and transmit wirelessly to the platform through Bluetooth communication. The signals would be automatically uploaded to the cloud system for further signal processing and stored to e-health record database. The platform would feedback the computation result to the user and inform medical staff in charge. This platform offers patients and medical staff a non-invasive easy-to-use AVF stenosis monitoring tool for early detection.