Combination of Watermarking and Joint Watermarking-Decryption for Reliability Control and Traceability of Medical Images

Bouslimi, Dalel ;   Coatrieux, Gouenou ;   Cozic, Michel ;   Roux, Christian

In this paper, we propose a novel crypto-watermarking system for the purpose of verifying the reliability of images and tracing them, i.e. identifying the person at the origin of an illegal distribution. This system couples a common watermarking method, based on Quantization Index Modulation (QIM), and a joint watermarking-decryption (JWD) approach. At the emitter side, it allows the insertion of a watermark as a proof of reliability of the image before sending it encrypted; at the reception, another watermark, a proof of traceability, is embedded during the decryption process. The scheme we propose makes interoperate such a combination of watermarking approaches taking into account risks of interferences between embedded watermarks, allowing the access to both reliability and traceability proofs. Experimental results confirm the efficiency of our system, and demonstrate it can be used to identify the physician at the origin of a disclosure even if the image has been modified.