WELCOME – Innovative Integrated Care Platform Using Wearable Sensing and Smart Cloud Computing for COPD Patients with Comorbidities

Chouvarda, Ioanna ;   Philip, Nada ;   Natsiavas, Pantelis ;   Kilintzis, Vassilis ;   Sobnath, Drishty ;   Kayyali, Reem ;   Henriques, Jorge ;   Paiva, Rui Pedro ;   Raptopoulos, Andreas ;   Chételat, Olivier ;   Maglaveras, Nikolaos

We propose WELCOME, an innovative integrated care platform using wearable sensors and smart cloud computing for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) patients with co-morbidities. WELCOME is an ambitious system which aims to bring about a change in the reactive nature of the management of chronic diseases and its comorbidities, in particular through the development of a patient centred and proactive approach to COPD management. The aim of WELCOME is to support healthcare services to give early detection of complications (potentially reducing hospitalisations) and the prevention and mitigation of comorbidities (Heart Failure, Diabetes, Anxiety and Depression). The system incorporates patient hub, where it interacts with the patient via a light vest including a large number of non-invasive chest sensors for monitoring various relevant parameters. In addition, interactive applications to monitor and manage diabetes, anxiety and lifestyle issues will be provided to the patient. On the other hand, welcome smart cloud platform is the heart of the proposed system where all the medical records and the monitoring data are managed and processed via the decision support system. Healthcare professionals will be able to securely access the WELCOME applications to monitor and manage the patient's conditions and respond to alerts on personalized level. Informal carers will also be supported in dealing with their patients.