Comparison of Arrhythmia Prevalence in NUVANT Mobile Cardiac Telemetry System Patients in the US and India

Engel, Jonathan ;   Chakravarthy, Niranjan ;   Nosbush, Grant ;   Fogoros, Richard ;   Chavan, Abhi

The Corventis NUVANTâ„¢ Mobile Cardiac Telemetry System provides continuous monitoring of symptomatic and asymptomatic cardiac abnormalities to help physicians diagnose and treat non-lethal cardiac arrhythmias. Analysis of a sample of 2231 US and 1053 Indian NUVANT patients has revealed interesting statistics on the prevalence of various cardiac arrhythmias in the patient populations of the two nations. The population is non-randomized and consists of US patients where often a traditional Holter Monitor study was negative and self-pay Indian patients. Mean age was 61.3 for the US and 57.8 for India with 57% of US patients and 32% of India patients being female. Presentation of specific arrhythmia types was similar across populations with the exception of atrial fibrillation and flutter being more prevalent in the older US population as well as increased prevalence of symptomatic atrial and ventricular ectopic rhythms in all patients and SVT for female patients in India. Utilization as defined by the number of patient triggers was 50% higher for Indian patients.