A Study of Activity and Body Posture with the PiiX Mobile Body-Adherent Device

Chakravarthy, Niranjan ;   Engel, Jonathan ;   Chavan, Abhi ;   Finlay, Brion ;   Nosbush, Grant

Remote monitoring of in-home activity and body posture provides useful physiological parameters for understanding patient status and for making clinical judgment in patients living with heart failure. The Corventis PiiX is a mobile chest-adherent device that provides continuously recorded accelerometer data from patients in an in-home setting. In particular, a 3-axis accelerometer enables quantification of full body activity and body posture changes. In this paper, the prevalence of sedentary activity with subject age, the population-wide distribution of upright body posture and resting body posture, and a diagnostic for reduced activity levels and resting body posture is presented with retrospective analysis on a large nonrandomized dataset.