A Smartphone Application to Evaluate Technology Adoption and Usage in Persons with Dementia

Hartin, Phillip ;   Nugent, Chris ;   McClean, Sally ;   Cleland, Ian ;   Norton, Maria ;   Sanders, Chelsea ;   Tschanz, JoAnn

Tags Mobile and wearable technologies for elderlyTechnology and services for assisted-livingEmerging IT for efficient/low-cost healthcare delivery

Dementia affects a proportionally large number of the older population, presenting a set of symptoms that cause cognitive decline and...

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An Investigation into the Usability of the STAR Training and Re-Skilling Website for Carers of Persons with Dementia

Boyd, Kyle ;   Nugent, Chris ;   Donnelly, Mark ;   Bond, Raymond, Robert ;   Sterritt, Roy ;   Hartin, Phillip

Tags Technology and services for assisted-livingTechnology and services for home careeHealth

Due to the successes in medical science people are now beginning to live much longer. With this brings increased problems associated with...

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