Effects of Passive Oscillatory Motions on Human Balance Abilities in Standing Position

Okada, Shima ;   Sakaue, Yusuke ;   Shiozawa, Naruhiro ;   Makikawa, Masaaki ;   Shichiri, Nobuko

Tags Therapeutic roboticsBiomechanics and robotics in sports

Human postural control in a standing position integrates and processes huge information provided by vision, hearing, sense of balance and...

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Evaluation of Lower Leg Swelling from EMG Measured by Voltage Divider

Murai, Akito ;   Sakaue, Yusuke ;   Makikawa, Masaaki

Tags Physiological monitoring

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the lower leg swelling using EMG measured with our new voltage divider technology, by which the...

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