Portable Spirometer for Improved Asthma Management

Dieffenderfer, James ;   Brown, Mike ;   Williams, Spencer ;   Johnson, Leigh

Tags BME and global healthInstruction and learningCareer development in BME

In order to allow physicians to better understand the respiratory impairment of their patients, we have developed the VitalFlo spirometer....

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Solar Powered Wrist Worn Acquisition System for Continuous Photoplethysmogram Monitoring

Dieffenderfer, James ;   Beppler, Eric ;   Novak, Tristan ;   Whitmire, Eric ;   Jayakumar, Rochana ;   Randall, Clive ;   Qu, Weiguo ;   Rajagopalan, Ramakrishnan ;   Bozkurt, Alper

Tags Low power, wireless sensing methodsWearable systemsOptical and photonic sensors and systems

We present a solar-powered, wireless, wrist-worn platform for continuous monitoring of physiological and environmental parameters during the...

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