A Low-Cost, Multiplexed Electrophysiology System for Chronic ? ECoG Recordings in Rodents

Wang, JuiChih ;   Trumpis, Michael ;   Insanally, Michele ;   Froemke, Robert ;   Viventi, Jonathan

Tags Neural interfaces - Bioelectric sensorsBrain-computer/machine interfaceNeural interfaces - Implantable systems

Micro-Electrocorticography (µECoG) offers a minimally invasive, high resolution interface with large areas of cortex. However, large arrays of...

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A Low-Cost, Open-Source, Wireless Electrophysiology System

Ghomashchi, Ali ;   Zheng, Zhou ;   Majaj, Najib ;   Trumpis, Michael ;   Kiorpes, Lynne ;   Viventi, Jonathan

Tags Low power, wireless sensing methodsWireless sensors and systemsImplantable systems

Many experiments in neuroscience require or would benefit tremendously from a wireless neural recording system. However, commercially available...

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Cross-Correlation Based µECoG Waveform Tracking

Schubert, Thomas ;   Trumpis, Michael ;   Rivilis, Nicole ;   Viventi, Jonathan

Tags Nonlinear dynamics in biomedical signalsNonlinear analysis of biomedical signals

Clinical electrodes for epileptic seizure monitoring traditionally require a tradeoff between coverage area and spatial resolution. However, with...

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