Co-Variation of Depressive Mood and Spontaneous Physical Activity Evaluated by Ecological Momentary Assessment in Major Depressive Disorder

Kim, Jinhyuk ;   Nakamura, Toru ;   Kikuchi, Hiroe ;   Yoshiuchi, Kazuhiro ;   Yamamoto, Yoshiharu

Tags Body sensor networksPersonalised healthMobile health

The objective evaluation of depressive mood is thought to be useful for the diagnosis and treatment of depressive disorders. Thus, we...

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MultiScale Wavelet P-Leader Based Heart Rate Variability Analysis for Survival Probability Assessment in CHF Patients

Wendt, Herwig ;   Kiyono, Ken ;   Abry, Patrice ;   Hayano, Junichiro ;   Watanabe, Eiichi ;   Yamamoto, Yoshiharu

Tags Time-scale and waveletsNonlinear analysis of biomedical signals

A priori discrimination of high mortality risk amongst congestive heart failure patients constitutes an important clinical stake in cardiology...

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