Elective Surgery Cancellations and Theatre Utilization

Thorburn, Hamish ;   Khanna, Sankalp ;   Boyle, Justin ;   Wilson, Richard ;   Steyn, Michael ;   Good, Norm

Tags eHealthDecision support methods and systemsHealth information systems

Reducing surgery cancellations is critical for improving hospital resource utilization and patient outcomes. In this study, we employ negative...

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Flexing Bed Stock : A Hospital Capacity Management Case Study

Khanna, Sankalp ;   Boyle, Justin ;   Zeitz, Kathryn

Tags Knowledge discovery and managementeHealthEmerging IT for efficient/low-cost healthcare delivery

As hospitals struggle to meet rising demand for their services, efficient capacity management is critical to the success of their efforts. A...

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Precise Prediction for Managing Chronic Disease Readmissions

Khanna, Sankalp ;   Boyle, Justin ;   Good, Norm

Tags Knowledge discovery and managementeHealthLow cost health delivery, public and environmental health, epidemiology

Potentially preventable hospital readmissions have a crippling effect on the health of chronic disease patients and on healthcare funding and...

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