Ballistocardiography for Non-Intrusive Sleep Structure Estimation

Park, Kwang S. ;   Hwang, Suhwan ;   Jung, Dawoon ;   Yoon, Heenam ;   Lee, Won Kyu

Tags Autonomic nervous systemHeart rate variabilityObstructive sleep apnea

Based on the its nonintrusive characteristics, ballistocardiography(BCG) has applied in the estimation of sleep structure without attaching...

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Estimation of Body Temperature Rhythm Based on Heart Activity Parameters in Daily Life

Sim, Sooyoung ;   Yoon, Heenam ;   Ryou, Hosuk ;   Park, Kwang S.

Tags Signal processing in physiological systemsKalman filteringTime-frequency analysis of biosignals

Body temperature contains valuable health related information such as circadian rhythm and menstruation cycle. Also, it was discovered from...

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Highly Wearable Galvanic Skin Response Sensor Using Flexible and Conductive Polymer Foam

Kim, Jeehoon ;   Kwon, Sungjun ;   Seo, Sangwon ;   Park, Kwang S.

Tags Wireless/ubiquitous technologies and systemsTelemedicineHealth information systems

Owing to advancements in daily physiological monitoring technology, diverse healthcare applications have emerged recently. The monitoring of...

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Unobtrusive Monitoring of ECG-derived Features During Daily Smartphone Use

Kwon, Sungjun ;   Kang, Seungwoo ;   Lee, Youngki ;   Yoo, Chungkuk ;   Park, Kwang S.

Tags Personal health systemsMobile healthEmerging IT for efficient/low-cost healthcare delivery

Heart rate variability (HRV) is known to be one of the representative ECG-derived features that are useful for diverse pervasive healthcare...

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