A Dual Slope Charge Sampling Analog Front-End for a Wireless Neural Recording System

Lee, Seung Bae ;   Lee, Byunghun ;   Gosselin, Benoit ;   Ghovanloo, Maysam

Tags Low power, wireless sensing methodsBiolelectric sensors and sensor systemsImplantable systems

This paper presents a novel dual slope charge sampling (DSCS) analog front-end (AFE) architecture, which amplifies neural signals by taking...

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A Low-Power Current-Reuse Dual-Band Analog Front-End for Multi-Channel Neural Signal Recording

Gosselin, Benoit ;   Sepehrian, Hassan

Tags Implantable systemsIntegrated sensor systemsPhysiological monitoring

Thoroughly studying the brain activity of freely moving subjects requires miniature data acquisition systems to measure and wirelessly...

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BER Performance of Implant-To-Air High-Speed UWB Data Communications for Neural Recording Systems

Bahramiabrghouei, Hadi ;   Gosselin, Benoit ;   Mirbozorgi, Seyedabdollah ;   Rusch, Leslie Ann

Tags Neural interfaces - Implantable systemsNeural signals - Information theoryNeural interfaces - Neural microsystems and interface engineering

Implant-to-air ultra-wideband communication systems are interesting for neural recording systems due to their low power consumption and high...

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Capacity of UWB Wireless Channel for Neural Recording Systems

El Khaled, Mohamad ;   Rusch, Leslie Ann ;   Gosselin, Benoit ;   Bahramiabrghouei, Hadi

Tags Neural interfaces - Implantable systemsNeural signals - Information theoryBrain-computer/machine interface

Ultra wide-band (UWB) short-range communication systems are valuable in medical technology, particularly for implanted devices, due to their...

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Flexible Sixteen Monopole Antenna Array for Microwave Breast Cancer Detection

Bahramiabrghouei, Hadi ;   Gosselin, Benoit ;   Rusch, Leslie Ann ;   Porter, Emily ;   Popovich, Milica ;   Santorelli, Adam

Tags Wearable systemsPhysiological monitoringLow power, wireless sensing methods

Radar based microwave imaging (MI) has been widely studied for breast cancer detection in recent times. The UWB techniques allow for a good...

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Novel Wireless-Communicating Textile Devices Made from Multi-Material and Minimally-Invasive Fibers

Bélanger-Garnier, Victor ;   Gorgutsa, Stephan ;   Ung, Bora ;   Viens, Jean-François ;   Gosselin, Benoit ;   Larochelle, Sophie ;   Messaddeq, Younès

Tags Smart textile and clothesWearable systemsBody sensor networks and telemetric systems

The ability to integrate multiple materials into miniaturized fiber structures enables the realization of novel biomedical textile devices with...

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Towards a Wireless Optical Stimulation System for Long Term In-Vivo Experiments

Mirbozorgi, Seyedabdollah ;   Ameli, Reza ;   Sawan, Mohamad ;   Gosselin, Benoit

Tags Wireless sensors and systemsImplantable technologiesWearable systems

This paper presents our recent progresses towards the development of a wirelessly powered head mountable optical stimulator for enabling...

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