A Dual Slope Charge Sampling Analog Front-End for a Wireless Neural Recording System

Lee, Seung Bae ;   Lee, Byunghun ;   Gosselin, Benoit ;   Ghovanloo, Maysam

Tags Low power, wireless sensing methodsBiolelectric sensors and sensor systemsImplantable systems

This paper presents a novel dual slope charge sampling (DSCS) analog front-end (AFE) architecture, which amplifies neural signals by taking...

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A Smart Homecage System with 3D Tracking for Long-Term Behavioral Experiments

Lee, Byunghun ;   Kiani, Mehdi ;   Ghovanloo, Maysam

Tags Integrated sensor systemsPhysiological monitoringImplantable systems

A wirelessly-powered homecage system, called the EnerCage-HC, that is equipped with multi-coil wireless power transfer, closed-loop power...

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